did you Know that the food is highly sensitive to the emotions of the cook, for all his thoughts that were swirling in his head while cooking?!

that's why they say it is necessary to prepare "love" which is a delicious seasoning for any dish.

In the old days said that "the way to heart men is through his stomach"

how do you get it?

does this Mean that if he (man) time and tasty food then he'll be yours?

it just So happened that cooking at home is mainly engaged woman. So you need to correctly use this feature.

Yes, Yes, to treat the cooking there is every need!

This is an opportunity to improve your relationship and send a man where you want, for example, to earn more and b was drawn just for you.

It's like magic, but there's a simple explanation. Food and water stores energy, which it has invested.

So you can program food to health, wealth, love💖.

Thinking during cooking of the good, passing the food your positive, you configure it as a musical instrument a certain way.

you Need to set the correct program of food and it will bring not only satiety, but also.....(anything you wish 😊)

so before you step up to the plate, prepare mentally, and only then engage in trade.

to Program meals in any result, just think and talk about what you wish to achieve.

the Main thing – to understand the ritual, and it is simple, like all brilliant – a clear statement of the words and statement of purpose.

Desirable of course to do this every time I prepare food, to became a good habit.

E. T. cook as you normally would BUT add a "secret ingredient" - their desires, thoughts, dreams!

How to do it with an example:

Cook the morning porridge for the whole family and sentenced to a day in your men was good to the finances he was growing up, all the roads were open. And children to have a healthy and obedient growing up, etc...

All that prevented with love and fed their Pets 💖

Or bake some cakes, pies, rolls, something that loves the person who directed your expectations 💖

And so delicious to feed herself, her man and children.

‼Only works on the people who were sent the Energy, all the rest just enjoying the taste of food.

‼It is very interesting to observe the man during the reception they charged for such food.

‼If your space is now no mens which you can feed magic food, then prepare for work colleagues.

And most importantly! Never cook in a bad mood, if you are in the mood. From such food can be indigestion and poor health!

by the Way, so it is not recommended to frequently eat in restaurants and cafes. It is not known what the cook was thinking at the time of cooking.

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