Love life as it is!
Love the inhale and exhale plenty!

Sadness and joy — all are countless.
do Not judge its stake...
There is a sea of happiness, but also pain...
There is childhood, adolescence, and old age.
And each time there is role
And do not refer to fatigue...
Love life inside and out!
Realizing the scenario the place
Space, Time... Everything in destiny
Baked like a dough...

a Baker — Master, but a prescription
We are constantly changing,
The duty to take, on acceptance
salt and pepper add...
a Baker knows what's what
How and why, when and how...
enjoy your life without the "why"
And all the questions will be as...
As the stars in the sky... All does not count...
Answers by heart learned.
will Come to you the good News.
Let the tears stay in the past

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