Most people know what obsessed with love. Sanity is not easy to get rid of. And it's worth to think about yourself, not only about the object of obsession. The less harmony in the soul, the more intense and long-lasting can be insanity. Insanity can be heated such life circumstances as failure at work, frustration in school or other parents or any ideals.

Wanting to get out of the swamp, do not choke in a puddle!!!

the more clear the condition, the easier it is to control .

Symptoms of love of insanity:

- All the talk and thoughts reduced to an object of insanity
- Save all even the most minor "little things" that are associated with the object of desire (concert tickets, wrapper chocolates, unfinished pack of cigarettes)
- Oppressively, depressed mood gives way to euphoric hopes and expectations
- the Destruction of their traditional way of way of life
- Difficulties in performing job duties
- sleep disturbance, inversion modes-sleep/Wake
- the Desire to relieve the negative state with the help of alcohol, drug
loss of appetite
- Irritability and discontent

Recommendations for freaks

- Try to make some changes in your life that will benefit, no matter how complete love obsession
Find people with whom you can talk heart to heart
- Organize your day so that it was loaded with various activities, events, meetings, responsibilities
- make Sure your appearance
- Lead active lifestyle
- Master meth ode of meditation and self-regulation
- Learn to interrupt thoughts about the object of obsession. Consciously stop the flow of thoughts is saying, "Stop! Enough"
- do Not think bad about yourself
- Visit the spiritual places to connect with the divine
- Tune to a slow, but gradual progress
- Surround yourself with colors, replenish with bright clothes, the wardrobe and the home, open the curtains, to let the light of day
- Sign up for creative courses
- do some charity
- Meditate not only on the merits of the object of obsession, but also disadvantages. Try as often as possible to remove the "rose colored glasses"
Respect yourself!

Love yourself hard enough and be determined to fight for their own welfare.

treat him gently, carefully and affectionately.

Force yourself to go out into the world of the living, normal, prosaic people.

Love insanity perfectly only on the silver screen. In life, it is tragic and devastating.

Love warms, enriches, soothes. Madness, burns, robs, destroys.

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