you can Often find women who are willing to literally give all of myself and give all of my heart, beloved man. They are willing to give their love and almost lose myself in it. Yes, sometimes it looks a little too desperate and obsessive, especially for men. But you know why they have  been acting? Because I already know how it hurts when you do not like.

When you ignore and don't answer your feelings reciprocated. And that's why a woman once passing through your "hell", finally feeling the reciprocity and that it is now too, ready to be grateful and show that gratitude and love like that, a bit exaggerated way .

She's ready though every day to show their feelings, because it is inspiring and encouraging. She is ready to literally live with these relations, although understands that it's not worth doing. But a woman nothing can be done about it, because she's just happy that I finally found someone who loves her as much as she did.

a Woman who knows how to love most of all, still remembers how it hurt when you write or call, and you ignore and not respond ... So now she'll be happy to call and write man when she sees what he's doing for her the same.

a Woman who knows love is stronger than all, wants to make some surprises and delight your loved one, if you will see and feel the love and affection in his side. It is ready to multiply everything that will do for her and give a hundred times more.

a Woman who knows love is stronger than anything, always ready to listen and support, when her near and dear person will be hard. Because he knows what it's like to talk and feel that you are not listening.  She will try to understand, knows how frustrating to not even try to understand.

This woman really will appreciate you and your feelings for her. So the least you can do is as sincerely and unselfishly give her your love, warmth and tenderness. After all, she really deserves it. Take care of her.

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sincerely, your psychologist Victoria Kirsta supervised over

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