Let's first look at what hides beneath this structure and who gets it most often.

Here are two people, live, and cease to notice that something disappears sometimes disappears emotional intimacy, and sometimes sexuality and romanticism. And it seems like somewhere inside a void and boredom. And because you can talk about it with your partner, but something doesn't give, it may be unawareness or an invisible wall of mistrust, resentment, frustration between spouses. And it happens that one partner is trying to talk and the other shrugs, saying, no, enough of my brain to make, come on then, it works for me, you're exaggerating, etc.

And here begins the most interesting. The person may himself not to admit that he began to pay attention to other people of the opposite sex, to dream, to stare at couples on the street. And then suddenly comes a charming new colleague, which is better communication and friendship, or maybe at the party the girls appears a handsome man without a companion and so he stares, inviting contact. Like, a person realizes that he already has a permanent partner, but something inside can't stop or won't... Then an innocent communication can escalate into a whirlwind romance, in which all will suffer. In the triangle there are no winners. And the person who created it, may face the sense of guilt and fear before a difficult choice. Sometimes people live for years in triangles, not daring to deal with this.

But if you are, after all, decided to restore order in their lives and to live honestly, not hiding around the corner, read this article to help you.

let's Start with the fact that the love triangle is far from love, that's a three dependent and insecure people, lacking experience and self-acceptance, in order to build healthy boundaries with the world and to understand themselves. These are good people, they didn't want to hurt anyone, they just wanted to love, but the methods of building relationships and finding love far from harmonious. And that's no reason to blame yourself, it is an occasion to be brave and see the problem as a whole. An affair is often the way to solve marriage problems and find solace (host, loving mother) somewhere, and then how it goes, maybe it will resolve itself. But it only gets worse.

the Couple, in which there was infidelity, holistically responsible for the infidelity, each partner has contributed to that treason has manifested itself in reality.

What to do?

    1. Decide what kind of relationship you want. What exactly does it mean to you in a happy relationship?
    2. Before you go into a new relationship, deal with a permanent partner. Perhaps with him you can realize your dream, but you need to find other ways. Do everything you can to have these relationships develop and strengthen. And if you come to a dead end and will do everything that depends on you, then you can leave, honestly, strongly, confidently.
    3. Work on the development of confidence and self-love. Together with the psychologist, understand that a hidden deficit of love, which could arise from childhood and will manifest itself in your relationship with your partner.

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