When we like someone, we instinctively copied the movement and adopt the style of communication of the object of our fondest fantasies. As instinctively, look at everything through the eyes of our beloved, and even if we had something seemed, well, questionable, through the adoption of the same man, it becomes enjoyable. Whatever it is. 

is it Okay to manipulate? And is it possible to build relationships without manipulation? My answer is, manipulation is perfectly normal. Building relationships from demonstrating your character, alas, is impossible. The adoption of us as we are, perhaps, but at the stage when we took such as we, no. 

Manipulation is an integral part of our lives, from the very beginning. The crying of babies is extremely unpleasant to the ear of an adult, because we instinctively want to find and stop this sound, so children look pretty and know how to cuddle, kissing in order to survive, they awaken in adults the most bright feelings, because it is an evolutionary program of survival. And I think anybody in a head does not come to accuse babies of manipulation, we adults. 

Back to for adults relations. Adult manipulated, certainly not to save my life, unlike babies. Meanwhile, the manipulation of adults is not always so graceful and well designed. 

relations between adult men, are always built on the manipulation, but most often unconscious, of course with some of demonizing the very moment of manipulation. 

We have already pointed out that manipulation is normal, it helps survive and helps to get the desired results and that's fine. Going for the first time to meet with anyone we have in mind the scenarios, we plan a discussion and it's not just about romance. 

I as a professional psychologist, of course I understand how to build conversations and to get the desired results. And that is why I would like to share with their customers, eco-friendly methods of manipulation, the methods which will allow you to elegantly customize any interlocutor on the way that You have always wanted. 

You can send your consultations. 

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