Love yourself, if...


Personal growth, self-development, books, webinars... And the "ideal self" appears. "That's when I become like that, that's when I will understand it, will change, will learn, then I'll be happy. And be able to love yourself. That's perfect I left quite a bit." But nothing like that, just "a bit" it's been a long time, and people did not become perfect. And something snapped, hence the stress, frustration, fear and depression. It seems that time is running out and all over the place.
And in this place need to understand that there is perfectionism acts on behalf of obligation, "I must be; has to be perfect", these are the strict requirements and regulations to itself. That is why there is frustration and a dislike to her because the requirements are tough: so and not otherwise. Such person allows and does not forgive any weaknesses, his inner critic may diverge in earnest.
In fact, the self is not the ultimate goal. And all the taste that is important, not the result but the process. Yes, we never become perfect. And it is not necessary. And don't you need to love yourself once there. Now, with all its bright and dark sides. Achieving something, learning something one, we have all new challenges. And always will be. There is no limit to perfection. But this does not mean that all in vain. The results are in, and they can be seen. Looking closely at yourself, what was a couple of years ago, and what we have now.
Accept yourself as you are, to accept everything, to let go of all "should" be yourself, understand that "want" to come to terms with internal imperfections. What is most interesting may be that those they consider the man himself, but for others it does not have of imperfection.
Happiness in simplicity. No wonder they say "be easier also people to you will be pulled". We do not need to know everything, we don't need to understand everything and work yourself. This is impossible, it's important task. This alienates the person from others really. the
Happiness in the process. To contemplate, to be inspired, to create....
Let your "needs" and enable "allow myself". This is exactly what is called "be yourself, allow yourself to be."

I would like to finish with one quote: "Life is not as simple as it seems, it is even easier." (Socrates)

Babkova Jan
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