Quarrels happen in every family, and that's fine. Some spouses use the energy of a quarrel in a constructive purpose: they correctly Express complaints towards each other, compromise, come to conclusions, while others destroy the marital relationship, a family. For several days in a row silent, ignoring each other, use every opportunity to show "how wrong you are," and the mistake involved in a quarrel of children.

If you experience parental conflicts in the family, most affected children.

the Impact on children manifests itself not directly, but indirectly. The child may not have witnessed the "showdown", but a painful, tense atmosphere in the family he feels. I can see parents? Appeared restless sleep, night terrors, disturbance in appetite, lack of confidence, hysteria, difficulty in communicating with their peers in kindergarten, school... Well, if conflict is common in the family, there are already joining: serious emotional disturbance, neurosis, and more.

Even more dangerous to the child are obvious (in the presence of a child) conflicts of parents, where no one hides. In such a situation, there are three possible scenario:

the child becomes a silent witness to quarrels; the object of emotional release for moms, dads; an instrument resolution of family quarrels and then the child's condition becomes unstable, dangerous to his mental health .

Parents and children are one energy field, one! And if this whole "hole", the first response of the child. He worries, worries, fears... Often moms and dads are not aware of their responsibility for the future development of the child's personality, don't think about how the fighting would affect the psyche of the baby.

And it is in a harmonious family is born a sense of security, confidence, trust in the world. Children feel everything, but can't figure out what's going on between loved ones. In their understanding of favorite people - always good. The child loves both parents and for him the quarrel of the parents equal to the collapse of the world. Very often in parental conflicts, children blame themselves. Suffer and share your experiences I can not.

What to do? To resolve conflicts constructively, to accept and understand each other, to be able to hear, to listen, to forgive and to do conclusions for themselves. The parents carefully concealed tension, stretching days, fake politeness can be much more devastating to the psyche of the child than an open scandal. Oh and if in the conflict you are both very emotional, then, of course, understand not in the presence of children. Someone will say "truths", but for some reason many of them do not assimilate.

moreover, the children learn the script conflict behavior as a way of resolving problems. This scenario can be played in future family relations and in relations with other people.

Here the main thing - not to avoid scrutiny, and to learn to resolve

the problem constructively and in a timely manner.

ankudinova Julia
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