Lover in law


Quite often you can encounter the phenomenon of "official" mistress. Basically, the wealthy, self-sufficient men. Such status of women says that everything seems to be know about it, even a spouse. But, like, not notice, or just decided not steamed the existence of this character.

I Remember how cried one woman, when her husband had risen to the position of the head of a large company, shift supervisor at the plant. "Now, now, he had a mistress, a Mercedes, trips to the Canary Islands, and in General, he rides around the world" - lamented wife. "When he worked in the shop, it wasn't!".

"And you think, what's good for you: how early to cook him "some snacks" each morning, or like now - to live without working, secured, luxurious house, to teach children abroad. But to come to terms with the costs of his new status?" - asked her friend. The lady pondered and said: "Yes, it is better to let things remain as they are."

So, mistress some wives accept, as a free app for the soaring career of her husband. But so it really "free" turns out this fact to them? Of course, the veneer of indifference there - an obvious self-deception, or deception of others. Ladies, which legalized cheating husband, you have to constantly push their true and natural negative feelings.

This norecurse condition ultimately leads to psychosomatics. Start getting attached to various diseases, suffer nervous system. Largely due to the fact that the inner child living in the offended woman, requires warmth, attention, and self-pity.

Some argue that the presence of an intimate friend of her husband, allegedly, helps to smooth out the rough edges in family life. The husband comes home happy, cheerful, even happy. And then it is easier to address to it with requests, and myself calm in this situation.

However, the toxins from the flattened insults and lies gradually accumulate in the body. And there comes the hour "x" when a woman takes a decision: no longer be silent, not to be comfortable, not to tolerate "lover in law". Sometimes it can end in divorce but if the husband adequately weigh all the "pros" and "cons" in this situation, the marriage can be saved. Now only need it? Let everyone decide for themselves.

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