Lovers: (part 2) of Their childhood trauma.

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It was a wonderful summer and fall of 199...year. Coincidences, coincidences, coincidences... As argued by Milan Kundera: our daily life is exposed to fire accidents, more precisely, random encounters, events called coincidences. A coincidence is two events unexpectedly happen at the same time that they face. They clashed at the crossroads – smiling through the windshield of the car, they met at parties of mutual friends, beaches, pool, Hiking. There were meetings the second someone left, and another appeared in the doorway. She pulled him to the dance floor from the men's companies, pulled from the arms of another girl "tonight", picked up not quite sober to his house, he earnestly looked when she danced with someone of the men, he came to where (as reported by his friends) she was. It seemed that she was always there, she knew his number by heart (but never called). He was always grateful to her for the attention, for its simplicity and hugs, her warmth and care. She was waiting for him, a serious step – offer to meet, date, and he only once mentioned the phrase that they could live together, but only children are not included in his plans. They are United by a purely Platonic relationship.

And now a look into the past of our heroes.

M. lived in a big family, where he very much lacked maternal love for the mother he had to fight to prove that he is good, but mother was rarely available to him. Her touch, smile of approval, support – was a rarity. And all the time he waited, even when it became quite for adults maternal warmth, is the most important thing he looked for in women. His former wife was outwardly similar to his mother. And his victory is in sport, achievement in work, your business has performed, as compensation for loss of maternal recognition, he received recognition from the community of men, the respect of important people attention to women. At a time when his peers were fast life, in his 23-25 years old, he has already earned his apartment, a nice car, his family did not need anything.

Our heroine lived in a single-parent family. She was raised by her mother, who worked a lot and didn't know how to show love to his daughter because "nobody taught her how to love." In the parental family of the mother heroine – dominated alcohol, and she for many years was brought up in a boarding school. Our heroine was a good student in school, but feel its fragility and vulnerability. It sought this protection in the family, among friends, but found it rarely. Protection she found a little later in itself, the ability to control the events of his life and not to allow it, then that's going to hurt.

it Was a wonderful summer and fall of 199...year. At this time, there were many hopes for the common future of our heroes. But childhood injuries of both were not allowed to move into the future, they moved very slowly, as if checking each step for safety. She needed his strength, his care, his decision to be with her (she refused to do something for him, because already knew – they missed the solution, it is a step in the middle of nowhere), he needed her tenderness, he was so relaxed and good when she just sat and leaned on his shoulder.

(to be continued)

Knyaz'kina Larissa
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