Motto: Love. Sex. Creativity.

Positive traits:
-enjoy love, beauty, sexuality; radiates magnetism, strong sexual appeal;
-easily falls in love, he loves men;
-passion for life;
-love the variety, intensity;
-able to fully take in another person;

Negative traits:
-prone to promiscuous sexual relations; unwanted pregnancy; risk of sexually transmitted diseases;
-lives in the present as if tomorrow does not exist;
-can react, forgetting about the consequences of their actions;
-treats people according to the principle "out of sight, out of mind";
-impulsive and irresponsible.

Zone of proximal Development:
⦁ Often Aphrodite acts intense and impulsive. She must learn to look inside yourself, analyze your feelings, values and motives, and to separate the truly important from insignificant to her.
⦁ When Aphrodite comes in the competing world, her delicate soul could be hurt, "trampled underfoot". It is necessary not to fight, as Athena, in the midst of the battle, but to observe, to expect and to gradually gain power by devious means.
⦁ it is Important to maintain a close relationship and emotional distance that will protect their interests, to see the situation as a whole and to distinguish important details.
⦁ learn to say "no" to others and to his particular sensibility. It is the ability to say "no" helps to carry out your wishes and to choose what is best for her. And, therefore, will help to determine the direction of your life.

Myths about Aphrodite:
Some consider her the daughter of Zeus and dione, others say she is beautiful Aphrodite was born from sea foam. When a drop of blood of the wounded Uranus fell to the ground, one of them fell into the sea and formed foam, from which emerged the beautiful goddess. After birth from the foam of the sea and onto the shore of Cyprus Aphrodite went to Olympus. Seeing the beautiful goddess, under the feet which flourished flowers that glorified the singing of birds, the other gods are unable to remain indifferent. Loudly they greeted the fairest of them all and forever young Aphrodite. Neither gods nor men could resist her power Aphrodite lit in their hearts a love.
In the Iliad Homer recounts a myth about the Golden belt - one of the gifts of Aphrodite. The goddess Hera asks Aphrodite of love and sweet wishes who conquered hearts and immortal and mortal. Gera their evil plans, but Golden Aphrodite gives her, please, disclaims and gives Hera a belt with an elegant pattern, which consisted of love, desire and other "charm". Except the belt, the Aphrodite was a Golden bowl filled with wine. The one to whom the goddess were allowed to drink from this Cup, he got eternal youth.
A mighty Olympians sought the love of a beautiful goddess, but she married the ugly, lame Hephaestus. However, he was a person of outstanding. The blacksmith and jeweler, Hephaestus became a great artist of his craft, which is the ability to create beautiful couldn't compare to any of the gods. He possessed great physical strength, and, in addition, was wise and knew how to reconcile the warring sides. She was married to Hephaestus, Aphrodite remained passionate and amorous, because she happened to cheat on her husband. In the Odyssey Homer describes the dramatic events related to the fact that Aphrodite was cheating on her husband Hephaistos with the God of war Ares. Hephaestus learned of the treachery of lovers and the thought of revenge. As a fine jeweler, he did fine and durable gold chain and secured it over their with Aphrodite marital bed, and he went to Lemnos. Taking advantage of the absence of Hephaestus, Ares and Aphrodite began to make love on the same bed under a thin net. Network, made by Hephaestus, fell and entangled lovers so that it was impossible to break free. Halfway back Hephaestus, seeing Aphrodite and areya, he got very upset, complained and grieved, saying to his wife: "isn't it gorgeous she is, but her fickle heart".
Aphrodite gave her love not only the gods, but people. She loved Adonis, son of the king of Cyprus, such a beautiful young man that no woman's heart could not resist. Adonis loved the hunt, where are along with him often went Aphrodite. She asked her lover to only hunt hares and gazelles, to avoid exposing themselves to dangers while hunting wild animals. But one day in the absence of Aphrodite Adonis's dogs chased the boar. The young man the thrill of the hunt gave chase, a boar rushed at him and inflicted a mortal wound. Upon learning of the death of Adonis, Aphrodite, inconsolable went through the mountains of Cyprus to look for his body. She went on, oblivious in her grief that the stones and thorns in the blood hurt her feet. There, where fell the drops of blood of the goddess, grew roses. Finding Adonis, Aphrodite bitterly mourned for him, and as she wept, from the blood of Adonis rose lovely flower - anemone. Mighty Zeus, seeing the suffering of his beautiful daughter, he commanded his brother Hades to release the Kingdom of the dead Adonis to the meeting with Aphrodite. Since then six months, Adonis lives in the underworld and six months returns to earth the goddess of love. These six months correspond to two seasons - spring and summer.

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