Low self esteem and what to do about it?

I Noticed that with whatever problem came customers (relationships, fears, future, past), we at one time or another will inevitably affect self-esteem. And often, self-esteem a person low. How is it manifested?

  1. a Person "scores" to their interests, desires and needs. Considers them not important enough.
  2. I Sincerely believe that the interests and needs of others is more important: "it is necessary".
  3. Limit or criticize yourself: "Not a lot do you want?" (hear the voice of mom/dad/ teacher?)
  4. Needs constant approval from others: "that's my girl!"
  5. Often feels depressed. His value, his health is often related to acceptance by others. So he finds himself in a dependent relationship.
  6. Wine. This is often an unpleasant companion for a person with low self-esteem. He is with his flaws, of course, to blame. Not others.

What to do with it?

  • Start to take seriously yourself. This is the base. Start to pay attention to yourself, your desires and interests. You can even start to write. Sometimes I give the job and it turns out that desires the person very little. Used to ignore themselves, and nearly of them no longer feels.
  • a Bit of confidence. Start to pay attention to the positive things that you say or do for other people. If you specially do not push and do not provoke a good say. For example, "thank you" at work, a compliment about a new dress, hairstyle, kind congratulations. Often, others treat the person with low self-esteem is better than it to yourself. This is not the result of a conspiracy. They just see the good side.
  • Give yourself time. The change in the self-assessment takes time. It was formed years since birth. This is the sum of the relations of parents, friends, teachers. And to change it also takes time and a certain tenacity.

But the result is a sense of their values!

Izofatova Julia
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