Low self esteem what to do


Low self — esteem is a result of the fact that the observing ego evaluates, not watching. I'll tell you how in a mode of self-evaluation to get in the mode of self-description. This is the first step to becoming more stable.

But all in good time.

We are monitoring themselves for themselves. This part of personality is called the observing ego.

the Identity is a dynamic construct. Therefore, the phrase "man does not change" too categorical. We have a more stable personality traits, which grow from innate characteristics, e.g., temperament. Or those long practiced, developed from early childhood through unconscious imitation.

But there are shimmering features, potential. And their personality is constantly changing.
Such a paradox to save himself, man needs to change. Assuming that his life goals are changing. If you do not change, new challenges not encountered on the way — then the identity of the person as if frozen.

because of the constant changes for better adaptation to the environment or for creative transformation environment for yourself and need observing ego.

Better to have it in mind that we are so constituted, and to learn to live with it. To develop the observing ego, instead of to distract him, to talk the talk, close your eyes, etc. It only breeds internal conflicts and complicates them.

Observing ego all the time and updates the data records, called "that's what I am a man":
You're the one who wants to compliment me.
You're the one whose achievements can not be overlooked.
You're the one for ideas pay a lot.
You're the one who solves complex problems.

the endless observation must somehow be stored and taken into account. So there are conclusions that it is:
— Good-bad
— Right or wrong
— the Beautiful-ugly
— Clever-stupid
— Interesting-bored

This is the most popular conclusions, which makes observing ego.

this is Often empty labels. When the observing ego is almost ceases to perform its work, just at the first signs of learning a particular behavior, and quickly sending it in a particular folder.

So we get assed ego.
And here is helplessness and vulnerability, become dependent on other people's opinions, are hesitant to new challenges.

1. To develop observation skills. For example, making the exercise "I see, I hear, I feel, I think," when you call in the 10-15 options that right now see, hear, feel and think.
Or meditation.

2. To expand vocabulary, to describe what is happening.
That you decide that something is bad or ugly. Try to pick 10-15 words that describe the situation and your condition in it.

for Example: exciting, strange, unusual, ambiguous, cliche, monotonous, intense, loud, cynical, gently, softly, brightly, boldly, kindly, dull, quiet, touching, shrilly sparingly, active, unpredictable, easy, fun, tickling the nerves, just.

Description demands active attention, will need to peer to give some subtle definition.
going this way, you will inevitably come to the fact that the move from the formal evaluation to the description.

Sustainability is built on the good work of the observing ego. Monitoring and evaluation — can act as competing or as complementary behaviors. It is important to be able to draw conclusions, but it should be a qualitative conclusion, but not quickly cobbled together a label. If, instead of knowledge about yourself you have many such labels are vulnerable and vulnerable.

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