to Know foreign languages. To teach them no one wants. All want, with the wave of a magic wand, to Wake up one day and speak English to perfection. Or, in Turkish, for example.

this variable successfully parasitize all kinds of language schools that promise one hundred percent mastery of the language after a week (as a variant-month) intensive.

And I want to believe! Especially in extreme situations. When, for example, need tomorrow for an interview at a branch of a foreign company, and a basic level of English at school level. That is - no.

a Separate issue, celebrated by the teachers and it has long been observed by the "socialscape". Here would like, seven years to learn a foreign language in school, then usually, the language choose at the Institute. Naquin plus three years. And the result is zero. That and found with horror before the above interview.

Worse, if suddenly, for some ingenious reason, you're all the same pass the interview successfully and a week to go to work - then the problem deepens.

You originally wanted to see in the firm and you positioned yourself as an employee, at a decent (so to speak) level of English. Business English)

As bond. James bond)

that was then, and convulsive starts throwing to the wonderful Tutors. Hope, as a panacea, a magical trip in the Suburban boarding house, with the aim of complete immersion in a foreign language in the group. Such a loser like you.

Summary here arises one. So at the crucial moment not to be trapped, it is necessary, as it is not magically always be in the field of language learning.

If there is no time and money for individual tutoring or group classes, though, you need to study alone for ten or fifteen minutes a day. It is advisable to download auxiliary language program. And, for example, in transport, at lunchtime, in the evening, to snatch a moment to learn at least several words. The number here is not critical, the important thing is that they should try to "read" later in the text.

helps YouTube. But not all. Lessons from the well-known Dmitry Petrov many stuffed on edge, and the level of proficiency is not highly increased.

in short, it's a good thing to learn a foreign. Or ability at all different?

I was thinking like this before in the Soviet Union, in the preparation of spies and saboteurs, "immersed" them for a month in the language, and after this time they fuck on the Berlin (Munich/lower-Bavarian) dialect so that they took over the family?

once Again the mysteries of the bygone "Golden" time? Or is it a legend... But somehow I like it very!

Anzhelika Bogdanov
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