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I Want to share with you my thoughts about love triangles. What is the motive that makes a woman become a second wife man, that is, mistress ? Because so many unmarried or already divorced good men around different ages. What is it? Competition with a woman, a wife? Like, I'm better than she is? And without this competition, the woman did not know his worth? In fact, a woman devalues herself as a woman, entering into a relationship with a man who always behind the screen is still at least one woman - wife. Mistress devalues itself, that enters into a relationship with the worst of men - those who cheating on his wife. br>

Ask a question to the mistresses. You think , if he changed once, the second time this won't happen? Because you are so unique and that's something you like it will not change? You reeling in the swing of insignificance and of grandeur. You are the star that eclipsed the wife is a complete nothing, as it to this wife returned to bed , and then lying to you that he had for several years with her, no sex. The biggest defect men is the presence of his wife. Entering into a relationship with this man, you are win and lose. br>

In the histories of these women, as a rule, have a complex relationship with her mother, which never managed to win, being a teenager. Depreciation mother's side, her competition with her daughter, then the daughter pushes in adult life on the path of competition with women, getting into love triangles in which she seeks to prove to myself that I'm the Best of all women. The struggle with the mother is not finished and continues then projected on a married couple: the husband - father, wife - mother, and a mistress - daughter, which recaptures mom and dad proves it: I am better than you. br>

But this man plays his game. It is, in fact, immature male. Mature man, if it does not satisfy the relations with a woman, he goes into solitude, and then building a relationship with another woman. No! This is an immature boy, deseperately from my own mother, trying to skim from his wife (her mother) and runs away from her outside with the girls (mistresses). He has his own song, and the mistress of his own. br>

And what role is played by the wife? And the wife accompanies the husband scenario . She is the wife-mother, or wife -the girl is the daughter if she's not leaving men after his betrayal, and take offense and suffer or forgive and continues with it to live further and to blame him in his adventures. It is essentially the same immature , if remains after an incident of infidelity with this man. And it wobbles between the role of mother for him and my daughter, and as adult woman does not manifest itself. br>

in adults, men and women, love triangles don't happen - they are uninteresting and not needed. The love triangle is essentially a triad - mother-father-child, and these roles in the triangle flow and change from one to another. And people getting into love triangles, in fact, is not decided in your childhood parent-child conflict with their parents, were not Mature, not grown up, and permanently stuck in adolescent crisis and trying to get out of it , through the separation from each other, and the ghosts of mom and dad are in the head of the bed, which they share with the wife( husband), the lover (mistress). br>

Adult the man knows how to build dyadic (paired) relationship, immature people only build process (triangular) relationship, drawing constantly any third parties in paired relationship. To process a relationship one always plays the role of a buffer and the buffer dies first. br>

Dyadic relationships learn to build child childhood parents, when father and mother - no child, as no child in the parental bed , and in emotional relationships. The child is not used in the relationship mother-father. In the relationship of father and a child no mother: mother does not interfere and does not adjust the relationship of father and child, his father its responsibility to the child. The father does not interfere in the relationship between child and mother. In this case, between all family members and their relationship has a clear and distinct border. The triangle is an absence or a blurring of the boundaries. Mistress invited into the bed of husband and wife the person who plays the role of katalizatora problems couples and crawls out with broken brains and health of these relationships. br>

And in couples where there is a "third wheel" and has children, the children suffer, as they all feel on an intuitive level and absorb the triangle pattern as the model of his life. br>

So I am gonna go probably back to the mistress - you free link in the chain and you are free to choose defective man (having a wife) or free. A pair of husband-wife give the opportunity to solve their internal problems without your energy, because in most cases, the affected person will be the mistress sooner or later. br>

a Separate point here is the man (woman) emerging from divorce is a risk. Man, as a woman, after a divorce, you need at least a year to go through the pain of loss. If a man is not able to live alone and immediately jumping into a relationship with a woman, he pulls in a new relationship train unsolved problems of the old relationship. This applies to both women that had just experienced a breakup. br>

don't jump from boat to boat, and try your hand drift in the ocean on their sail and feel the support at your hand, to live self-sufficient. So as to jump quickly into a relationship cause the internal deficiencies of resources, formed in childhood injury : love, admiration, recognition, power, security.. If you can't live without to receive it from another and you need another, then you are still a teenager and you still have to go through their own path of development and maturity.

the Love triangle is a symptom of psychological immaturity of all its participants. The one who is over all, the first one says "no" and walks away.

I wish everyone a happy peaceful relationship of love and respect)

Author Julia Lotonenko

Lotonenko Julia
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