Magic focus


On the Playground the kids played. One of them took to their chubby with dimples handle the ball, approached a small hill and let her toy. It was interesting and fun to watch as the ball rolls down the hill, gaining and increasing exponentially my speed priprygivaya from minor obstacles. The child with delight laughed.

the Ball, having exhausted all the energy of the primary pulse, stopped and froze.

and the kid Froze, as if in some hope, the expectation that the ball will suddenly come to life and roll on.

I have not finished physico-mathematical school, and it's hard for me, and not why to describe formulas that as an object increases speed. I wonder more, many times I have seen this not only with objects, but with the emotions, thoughts and behavior of people.

In their work and life seen, what is the role of impulse in other people's lives, changing them thinking, feelings, decisions, actions, both the positive and negative directions.

When a person falls and is going through some hard and unpleasant life situation, his thoughts and feelings can so quickly and unidirectional roll that lead to complete depression, the feeling of being trapped, hopelessness, despair. And these difficult experiences further reduce psycho-emotional and even physical resource.

And in this state especially clearly beginning to feel that your life just has no good points and sides, not where to get the resource.

Or man forbids himself to pay attention to what is present in his life as a joyful, healing, afraid to devalue that heavy, that now is he.

And then, of course, it is important not to start deliberately "get rid" of negative feelings. Instead, to recognize them, to learn, to call, to allow them to become part of your life experience. And with that, remember that this is not your entire experience. You got guts, tenderness, sympathy, empathy, complicity. So here you can give yourself support by patting yourself on the shoulder or putting a hand to his heart, taking a few breaths to say something like: "I see that you hard, and see you handle it so well, as far as your knowledge and effort. Yeah, it's hard, yeah, you're scared, and you'll be fine. I believe in you!"

In my opinion, true happiness in our human life in no way means denial, ignoring the painful, difficult situations that from time to time throws all of us fate. Yes, life is difficult. And Yes, you should respect all your feelings, everything is filled with life.

To everything! And it's so healing to remember what else is in your life besides this difficulty, in addition to this trouble?

What you already have, is how good?

The good that keeps you in life, what fills you with joy, interest, sense?

Maybe this is right here and now?

it is Useful to remember that we always have the choice of where we focus. A person can habitually notice the unpleasant, negative in its bottom – left room is a mess, unpaid bills, traffic on the road, poor child, morning unpleasant conversation....

If these thoughts come to the fore, they can overshadow all and will not allow people to see the good that is happening around him right now.

Make him blind.

It is easy to miss many potential moments contain the joy, happiness, value and meaning, which would have caused a smile on his face, would have changed the mood for the whole day.

When you are going through your long day, try to find moments to ask yourself: "Where it is now concentrated my attention? What I did for myself the main?"

And if people notice that being in a traffic jam, he in impotent rage focused on thoughts, it is late and will not make half scheduled for today Affairs. Yet here he develops an amazing opportunity to shift the focus of his attention.

And only then, coming out of the impotence of his imprisonment, he can look at the sky, at nearby drivers and passengers, passers-by and house.

And only then he will be able to notice that the woman behind the wheel of a neighboring car made your car interior karaoke and singing so enthusiastically that turning a blind eye....

Notice the student with a heavy backpack behind shoulders, occasionally Bouncing to sliding school the burden is shifted higher and not so hard on the back.

Notice in the still heat of summer falling and swirling, driven by the wind the first colorful leaves of autumn....

Notice that you are thirsty and take a SIP of water, and then a little stretch......

Notice that the car began to move, and the driver of the Lexus politely ignores the little Hyundai, and the answer is thankfully winks lights....

Yes, we can't control our initial thoughts that appear in my head, but we can choose what to focus and choose what to release to the forefront of our consciousness.

you Can take it a rule to start and finish your day with something good, one thing that you available and which you appreciate.

It can be anything small: a refreshing or warming shower; a delicious Cup of tea; hugs with family or stroking the cat.

the warmth, the joy of this moment, you can save for yourself and in yourself on a day to be able to get this nice thing and put him at the forefront of his mind, when suddenly it seems that much becomes heavy.

Olga Popova
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