Today, going to finish a scientific article and I was overcome procrastination.  Decided to raise another “vosmiletku” theme  how to meet older people.

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I Got into family therapy, there is a very nice young couple Israelis,  only we are not talking about them, and the grandfather of her husband, living in St. Petersburg.

the Young man, let's call him leney, was told that he was, his  grandfather found himself a new grandmother, and he met her in the grocery store. Grandma is rather strange, behaves like a child, ridiculous dress, irrational. Much better right economic and grandpa's neighbor at the cottage!

 “I would have dumped her, she'd be lost without me!» - the grandfather of excuses to my grandchildren, who think his choice to put it mildly, not very successful.

I Think the fact that grandpa chose such a ridiculous old lady because he wants to take care of her and thinks he can be a support for her.

to Be with a serious “this proper grandmother” probably, if “grandpa next to grandma for many years, many years together”, but if this new passion, it is desirable that she was young if not in body, then soul.

And, for sure, no one wants a Granny to see!

Remember  known  or normal (from your surroundings) women who find a mate in old age,

they All tend to be a bit extravagant, that of which I wrote in this publication:

Women's happiness 70+

Normally, this women  with a very strong Inner Child.

 They can

  • enjoy life at any age
  • I believe in miracles
  • do not behave "in babushki”

There is a concept of magic thinking. Here the definition gives that concept of Wikipedia:

Magicianśgrowth thinkinǵnie — the belief about the ability to influence reality through symbolic mental or physical actions and/or thoughts. With primitive man, there's an enormous confidence in the power of his desires.

I agree to be a primitive human being... and LIVE!

If I wasn't strong Inner Child, I wouldn't want to have  a few years because I had inoperable cancer and treat it the doctors did not want.

invitation to a beheading or a candidate for elimination?

If I were serious, fully conscious and not “primitive”, I would listen to doctors who advised “not to waste energy in search of solutions", and quietly live out the remaining time.

Notes ugly women

If not “primitive”  magic thinking, I would have remained ugly, do not believe in yourself, most likely, a spinster with a bunch of complexes, such as: "Fat women with small eyes and an asymmetrical face doesn't need anyone"

Back to the Inner Child that allows you to believe and act in any situation, at that time, Criticizing the Parent discourages the ‘internal radio”

- With such diagnosis not live!

- At this age a woman no one needs!

Dating Sites do not work.

recall that

  1. Inner Child was responsible for “Want”
  2. Inner Parent for “Need”
  3. Inner Adult for “Can”
How to take three-headed dragon - Parent Adult and Child?

Adult   is the conscious state.         

of Course,  always and everywhere a good balance, but not reckless faith.

If the Inner child suck unchecked, it will

  • neglected traditional treatment in favor of dietary Supplements
  • dream of in 60 years of a young oligarch
  • wear a hat with the Paradise kuschami


P.S. Where is the fine line, crossing which, a woman can turn into a crazy city, can be solved only by the woman herself. Again on the 8th of March You guys!

Can a woman over forty years to go successfully married for mutual love? No, to marry for love is possible only for the young and beautiful girls! Yes, who would take it - full of young girls! If it is possible, then, certainly, not of love but of convenience. And why not? I think the "love for all ages"! It is of course possible! I have such friends! Of course, it is possible - I got married after forty and happy! And I want to get married and believe that I will be happy "despite the years"!

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