Robert Monroe was a very interesting person. On the one hand, he was the epitome of the "American dream" is a public person who made a lot of money out of thin air, mediaproducer. That is,the ancestor of the modern "media portals", "midst a Facebook hamsters", "social networks" and the successor of the glorious traditions of pop culture. On the other hand, it interesovalo deep inner manifestations of human nature, like out-of-body experiences, which was dictated by his personal experience. A compromise of conflicting aspirations such as self-knowledge and the desire to earn some money.resulted in such a thing as Hemi-Sync "technology" produce dream-like States of consciousness, was based on a sound, more specifically, binaural beats.

But on this basis it was necessary to bring into accord with the modern conception of "science", because in his homeland (and not only) without the ritual of worship this "idol" will get nothing. Why we formed the hypothesis that his Hemi-Sync sinhroniziruete the work of the hemispheres of the brain. Then the truth emerged that he and sinhroniziruete, anyway, the sound here is not important, but a lot of people believed in it, and the Monroe Institute became a cult organization. There went all self-respecting members of the American transpersonale-esoteric subculture of the 80-ies and 90-ies of the 20th century. Even CIA spies went.

And then Monroe died. Without his charisma and experience to move the case was not easy, but his Institute still exists to this day. And conducts seminars. And as I see it, he had planted certain seeds in the scientific community. The impact of binaural beats on humans continues to be researched worldwide. the Author including :)) Subject, of course, is not over-popular, but the interest is there. Maybe something from it and grow.

Yes, tricks. The Monroe so called different sub-levels of the dream that he and his friends watched on personal experience. Well you go to sleep and count to 10, then "фокус10", 15 - "focus 15" - this is partly a joke of course, but the names were born that way.:))

Some of them, for example, Null Point, Plus Polarity - apparently, correspond to the standard stages of human sleep (2nd and 3rd). Others - probably variations on the first stage (sleep), which is not fully investigated. Immersion in these foci was carried out by listening for certain sounds in combination with the self. And then people talked about all sorts of experiences. In my opinion, mostly it was all sorts of personal fantasies...

But to fall asleep to these tricks really easy, and that's good, because a lot of people suffer from insomnia, which means that they can thus help. In addition, if the question of human consciousness in sleep with dreams is slowly beginning to attract research interest (periodically published work on so-called "lucid dreaming", "lucid dreaming"), the consciousness in deep sleep is still not investigated. (Although this question has already been raised in scientific publications). And if the stimulation that is similar to the Hemi-Sync can help in the study of this question, it will be very interesting.

Noises Dmitry
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