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Today I will tell you that, in my opinion, supports sexual interest in a serious relationship.

All the factors influencing mutual sexual desire in a pair can be divided into 2 types: dependent and independent partners.

I'll Start with the first type. This includes only one factor, but it is, in my opinion, has the maximum influence on maintaining sexual interest in long relationships. This is mutual biological compatibility of partners.

Sometimes love is called chemistry. If you delve more into this concept, we can come to the phenomenon of pheromones. Each person's body develops its own unique smell. And as long as each partner is comfortable, good, nice, just awesome is in the range of the pheromones of each other, depends on the presence of long-lasting sexual interest.
it is Possible, defining this phenomenon, to evoke the sense of calm a baby who smells mom. Sometimes, the story of a man about your relationship is traced to the presence of biological compatibility " to bury your nose in his/her top.." "..sometimes you want him/her to eat..".

we Now turn to some factors that depend on the partners.

to Talk about sex.

the very fact of having conversations about sex, about sexual preference  implies a certain openness and trust in the relationship that is important. At the same time, in the discussions  you can regulate your sexual relationships. To convey to the partner what is important to You in sex and to know what is important to him.

Sexual fantasy
Every man has sexual fantasies. And it's great when a couple can fantasize together. In my view, this factor in its effect similar with the ability to build joint plans and dreams.

Imagination improvisation
of Course everyone has a favorite comfortable place for sex and poses, but to go beyond convenience, trying new things is what helps to develop their sexual relationship and, however, to maintain interest in them.

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