In my psychological practice, customers often come with a request – how to achieve your goal.

In these cases, I actively use the deck of cards metaphorical Archetypes.

It consists of 4 podkolol: men, women, domestic and social archetypes.

This deck allows you to take a fateful influence under its control, to move to a new level of his power and its appropriate use.

Archetype – a long-existing energy with a kind of personification. This person is the personification of a hero who is the bearer of certain qualities or energies.

Usually a person has contact with 1-3 archetypes from them he can take the energy and apply their inherent qualities, abilities, skills.

With the others, usually no communication, or the archetype of the manifested extremely weak. Then objectives are not achieved because not enough of this energy (to achieve).

In this article I will focus on three male archetypes: the God, the Creator, the Magician.

Others (Husband, Bridegroom, Warrior, Father, Breadwinner, King, Mage, Scout) will be discussed in the following articles.

In the subdeck "Male archetypes" contains the male qualities which were inherent in the people for thousands of years.

But in the last few years, people began to pay more attention to the spiritual aspects than before. Therefore, in this deck highlights a few of the separate spiritual essences in the manifestation of archetypes. And the archetypes of the Creator, the God, the Magician presents 4 separate archetypes.

1. God.

This archetype has nothing to do with religion.

the Meaning of it is that when it is developed, then the person is able to influence others through his will and choice.

If the archetype is well manifested, the person is able to take responsibility not only for themselves but for others, it is able to influence masses of people. A person with a strong archetype of God is committed to the highest harmony in all that he does. In his every act, in every little things there is full harmony and even the basic action is subject to a high point.

2. The Creator.

Creator he creates his life, he is not behind the others, he is an artist of his life. It easily reaches its through innovative approaches.

what is unattainable for the rest, for the Lord is a challenge and they will usually find how to solve is not solved for the other question. And thus he implements his purpose, sees, understands, feels his future, and knows how to get there.

Creativity never leaves in all spheres of life. Contact with people well, a sense of empathy in his actions and words.

When the archetype is not developed, creative energy becomes destructive power. There is a lot of anger, frustration. This aggression is often directed inward personality and destroys it from within.

3. Wizard.

the Magician
is in good contact with the forces of nature, the Earth and the forces of social connections.

He lives in complete harmony with all that surrounds it.

it has its own, understandable only to his life, but he is easily willing to help you, if he ask about it.

the Wizard owns the simple practical methods of helping people, and he's in touch with his spirituality. He is in the here and now and he's a high-energy state of consciousness.

He master, virtuoso and can easily create masterpieces from ordinary things and does it with enthusiasm. It can very detailed insight into the essence of things and to know their true nature, to change the usual course of events.

Being with such human, impossible not to change.

Most Wizards are healers from the word "heal", that is, to draw in integrity.

If the therapist is well developed the archetype, people change very quickly just by being in his field.

Videos on these three archetypes can be seen here.

a description of the other archetypes expect the following articles.

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