Male archetypes, part 2.


Today, part 2, is devoted to archetypes.

part 1 is here.

so, the deck "Archetypes" consists of 4 podkolol – male, female, domestic, social archetypes – each of these will be discussed in the following articles.

In this article I will consider 4 male archetypes: the Groom, Husband, Soldier and Father.


the Groom is able to build relationships, able to lead, care and protect the woman.

This archetype is in good contact with the power of a sort and can use all the resources of their tribal system. For all the blessings that he receives from the world, he knows how to be grateful. He respects and values himself and partner.

If the archetype is not developed, the Groom's difficult to find a life partner and it can often change partners, all the relationships he has "no strings attached".


With responsibility from the Husband all right, he knows what he's carrying her and easily cope with it. He can lead, he is the pillar of the family and at the same time, and he has a well-established contact with his chosen.

With a weak archetype, the Husband loses the sense of headship, it becomes weak and does not feel the contact with the male energy and then he starts to show his aggression on women.


the Warrior is not afraid of anything, he fights and conquers its territory. His he no one would dare to take. This archetype can be extremely useful when we defend their interests and expanding sphere of influence.

Warrior never chooses weak opponents, he gets stronger just from interactions with a stronger rival.

the Warrior has clear priorities and values and he will not allow anyone to violate them. The warrior always follows his personal tactics and strategy, which chooses in life.

Modern life is built in such an interesting way that crossed gender roles.

If you take the psychologist-a woman who promotes himself through the Internet, it is absolutely necessary for men quality, because otherwise, its just no one will see. It is necessary to seize the territory, a niche, that is, to show the quality of a Warrior!


Father sees not only near, but in the next few years, he understands the perspectives of further development of a generic system. The father creates all necessary conditions for the growth and development of his family and all those around him. He understands what is his responsibility and not his.

In its surroundings a sense of security and fullness. It can support where necessary and to step aside, if necessary, without depriving a person of his own initiative.

If the archetype of the Father is not developed. That is, the sense of lost opportunities, feelings of sadness, apathy, and insecurity. As if life loses its meaning and it is impossible to influence, it is difficult to come up with a new project.

Videos about these archetypes can be viewed here.

the Remaining 4 male archetype of the King, wizard, Scout and Miner will be discussed in the following articles.

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Polyakov Sergey
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