Male happiness.


in recent years reported that more boys are born girls, and to 29, this proportion is maintained. Some time and both about equally, but after age 40 the number of men begins to decline significantly. And leave this world not only the military and rescue workers, i.e. people of dangerous professions, but also quite a peaceful workers who are in the most tasty of marriageable age, white-collar workers, creative workers, workers and peasants.

After 55-60 years, even the most decent single women are already struggling may find yourself any other and comforted her grandchildren, villas and kotisykume.

Looking back, many women say that they could make them their mind, husband would be with them and not at the cemetery or in another family.

tell the truth. A good man was and is a real asset that you want not only to see among the debris, but also to preserve for long use. And no matter what not everyone means to get a diamond. Well maintained Swarovski crystals or even costume jewelry Zhenavi also has its own palette of colors. And life sometimes gives to a simple stone cut jewelry. Here only very cheap or to pick up or carry anyone should not.

Almost all girls go on to marry “best”. That is what they declare in social networks luxury marriage photos, or are so convinced of their relatives, sometimes clutching his head from the sudden fact. Why in divorce the percentage of "goats" of the rolls and records, appearing a kind of social paradox?

Mutual resentment and high expectations bombed our pockets to the ruins. And the first bomb-hurt flies quite often from women, previously very much interested in marriage instead of cohabitation vulgar, in which she's vulnerable from all sides.

 after the celebration, the women's resentment begins to grow like a snowball, destroying the world in the here and now, turning favorite once men in the "goats", and of women themselves in hysterical divorcees and even widows this that rebukes himself for “overlooked”

Men not often provoke scandals based on speculation and assumptions. Women do it often and furiously.

Even the cause of resentment and its consequences, expressed with tears and words, often do not coincide. Your wife may take offense two weeks ago, and to say when "accumulated". Moreover, the current "accumulated" looks the savagery and nonsense, multiplied by weeks of waiting and hard searching for a reason to take it out on the head of a unsuspecting partner. His guilt multiplies and accumulates aggravating. He's already to blame, not noticed something two weeks or two years ago. And no matter what, all of two years was ooey gooey, and the mud splashed just now. Still the girl is suffering and should be pitied. The slops are collected and accumulated over the years. The woman does not remember evil. The woman of his records and calculates, diligently writes down in his subconscious to pour out in that moment that she single-handedly choose appropriate.

 Some doctors take the liberty to say that women just need to discharge-- to assign blame to weave in my head an endless chain of assumptions and possible storylines. But doctors are NOT SAYING that men the cost of their health should have to endure her paranoia and endless intrigue with the drama.

ladies. The more inflated expectations and resentment you save up against his former beloved, now a husband, the sooner you will be alone. Offense and holding same losing a constructive approach. No wonder they say that ‘on offended water carry”.

 this Legend dates back to the alleged decree of Peter the Great, who commanded every one was loudly expressing their displeasure, to put a yoke with two heavy buckets of water and drive it around the well. Cold water splashed, cooling of the offended. If in our time such a law has been approved, it would be the first step to saving many families.

Expressions when “the woman is always right”, or modern: “ademocratic" dies in the last convulsions. Along with a complete happy family. For 40 years, when only to live and rejoice with each other, men begin to leave EN masse "always right” and win the right to its own right.

I will Finish this article with a letter men on one of the Internet - resources:

“the closer I get to 40, the more familiar peers get divorced. Some go to the young, but most – just walk away. Because you no longer can. Because the life of a modern emancipated woman does not justify psychostat adult and no longer hypersexual men. The rest suffer. For reasons of liability and greed: and what about children, what relatives and how I will live if you give or share “acquired in joint marriage” an apartment, a house, a car?

This is a problem that we men are somehow silent, as fish about ice. Show me an article in some glossy magazine with the headline: “100 reasons to endure the woman in her home after 35 years”. Or this: “10 reasons to endure the woman in her home after 35 years”. Or at least this: “5 reasons to tolerate the woman in his house after 35 years. No such publications”. 

Here is a problem of modern society that you would like to discuss. The woman still wants to get married much more than a man to get married. For many girls, the goal is to break men's resistance at any cost, including such a nasty way, as “a shame”. But, arranging themselves this “vzamuzh”, not every ready produced a prize to cherish. I want to rest on our laurels, to engage in the distribution of wealth at its discretion, periodically include tantrums, getting so attention.

 PS/ asking people who want to write your opinion here, note that the charges to the men, repeated many times, we will discuss another time. And now, please, just this):

How justified female hysteria in the household nothing?

Why would a woman clings to the man that for him an affair –already escape from the burden.

Why, if a woman is  hidden the initiator and manipulator, leading forcibly “kid” to the Registrar's office, she is subsequently unhappy with the grown “goat”?

And where is man's happiness, according to women? Has any man a right to it?

For website editor and those who by chance might read this article on “Licere”, “Maitresse” or otherwise. The article of my authorship, signed by the pseudonym E. Mighty

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