What is jealousy? Case study
And what's behind it?
If you feel jealousy from his second half and does it offend you, then I want to ask :
- what did you do to the heart of your loved one was in a state of tranquility? All! Right now?
Yesterday at the reception a girl came and talked about the fact that her husband tortured by jealousy. Resented very emotional, violent, irritable.
At this point, ask :

-What you did is important, in order that his heart was calm? (she appeared on his face, the irony...) You Have one lover or... ?
She was immediately all smiles and says:
- Yeah, I'm not without sin.
Proud of the fact that the husband is rich, and the lover of the beautiful.
Ask the following question:
- Your request what?

a Long silence and says:

I Want to create a different relationship with husband. Don't know what I little in our relationship. Like all great throughout. But like, when I like.

he Worked first this as "a little" and learned that little not to her that this program is the relationship of her father. Next were questions about this order:

- In the edit exactly is the point? Do you accept this arrangement? Advantageously, such relationships create? What you have to lose? Gain valuable? What governs you in the data? What you really want? And there is the possibility with her husband to create other relations than it is expensive, if expensive? And if you try to look into the future? As yourself feel there? What feels the heart, the body, the brain, the soul, etc .?

What happened?

first of all people change in the face, getting younger, so as tension, control. Plus, in this case, the woman had the opportunity to choose their relationships and not repeat the path of his father, plus we worked the arrogance and self-centeredness.

as a result, she said, and I quote: "unusual feelings in my soul that this condition it is very expensive: easy, comfortable, cozy, nice to feel integrity with myself and with the world."
When we are ruled by vanity, self-centeredness - our heart and soul in the capsule. In this state it is difficult to see the truth. Or rather there is no desire to take responsibility for their thoughts and actions.
Usually people start to appreciate when you lose. Some take from the relationship and think that everything needs to "spin" in front of her/him that they are not interchangeable. Others are the heart, soul, but if the family members appreciate it? More precisely, the one who waits for assessment, just get her a little or do not receive. After all, the expectations are always dropping result.

working with customers in similar situations - help to get out of children's programmes, to take responsibility and look into the future.

people Often ask: what is the point to create a false relationship? Sooner or later, will have to look into what is sown and it. Love the great gift and most people realise this, when the youth is far behind, in his old age begin to understand that beauty, money, opportunity was clearly given not for "showing off", arrogance, etc. Appreciate those who appreciate you, the train can go to another station forever.
Shake the hand of those who live with an open heart is the way of the people strong in spirit. Shake the hands of those who see their schools and willing to work with them. Sometimes our actions and thoughts are killing my soul, drowning out the voice of the heart. The body too, sometimes crying, it was obviously not gifted to comfort and wants and asks for true love. I wish everyone to courageously look inside yourself.

Hugging heart reaching deep into himself.

P. S. have you encountered jealousy? Is there a situation which you still cling?

Obraztsova Tatiana
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