"-I last new Mercedes I bought.
-Yeah? And what color?
-don't Even know how to describe. You're the sunset over the sea seen?
-of Course you did.
-That's exactly only the green"

like in the joke, the paradox and cognitive dissonance occurs when trying to share human psychology in a uniquely male and uniquely female. Any such attempt will be the limiting speculation. br>
So let's speculation of a wider order)

unlike sports, political and business grounds there is no distinction between men and women. Arena games, battle games, competition one. br>
If and when the game follows the same rules, monitors the independent expert – Law, and the requirements to the participants are not dependent on gender. Wins leader and the strongest. br>
In this case demanded the whole palette of human cunning, flexibility, determination, wisdom, fearlessness, hard work, charisma ... I mean, what is not exclusively female or exclusively male bindings. br>
a Man may be flexible and cunning, and the woman unbending, principled , energetic ... and Vice versa. In fact the ability to combine and to be open to all sides of his personality and makes the Business more Human invincible in the competition.
not to recall the myth of the androgynes

"Ancestors, pervolume that combines male and female characteristics. Because androgyny tried to attack the gods (proud of his strength and beauty), the gods split them in two, and scattered throughout the world. And since people are doomed to search of your half."

given our present trajectory of development of society, suggests a modification of this myth:
the Gods are divided, and forced to FORGET each of its half, actually within each person survived the other half. Many years later, it all began to Wake up, was heard to sound and be perceived. br>
the winner is the one who understands, possesses, uses your other half of the properties and capabilities..

in Other words:
If the male wakes up in a woman and feminine in man they begin to approach the full strength of their capabilities.

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