Male or female? Who is right, who is guilty and what to do?


Men. They special. Careful and trusting.It is necessary to keep the mask Not to cry. To be strong. To keep it all inside. The man needs it. The man needs something. Yes, I tried. Yes I was to blame. Gave, didn't, hurt. I've done it for her - not assessed the village on the neck. I want warmth and coziness. Want care. Want of confidence, and it is constantly in my phone. 

Women.&Not afraid tears, though strong. Often "girls" who want to handle. Still in need of love and care. Look younger than their years. Unable to provide for themselves.I want to hug. Want to hear he loves me. I gave it to him , and he found another.

This article, just the facts. What you hear from men and women .what exists in the world today. This attempt to understand  what happens to us. How the world has changed, what is the  pairing is currently  and relationship as a couple. 

I meet ( not necessarily clients, this may be the guy is a taxi driver, a casual conversation  and more) to tell the story about  the wives (women that live) fit into the following lines:

1. She never cleaned the house ( the house is no order, chaos, no comfort, and it's important to me, things are scattered, not washing floors, etc.)

2.She told me  doesn't cook (even eggs).

3. She's not sleeping with me ( don't want to get sick, tired).

4. We do not spend time together ( she's not interested).

And with the men remain financial obligations, that is, it continues to provide family life and to do what is required of him as a man ( to kill, to establish, bring, do.) 

  & ironically,  these men don't have mistresses. Do not demand anything with his fists, and just tolerate and accept. 

I've seen this trend among  30-40 years. But I think there are other age groups.

there are Many articles  about the fact that all men are FREE...But there is the downside And what happens when it seems that female-female leaves Female. I owed nothing to anybody?

If there are no basic basic stuff, what is marriage? What ties will bind a couple? I am not talking about exceptions, in which the fulfillment of obligations is not possible ( illness, employment). We are talking about ordinary life in an ordinary family with ordinary income. Because it is clear that there are families where the decision about the cleaning , about the housekeeper and the cook  etc.

In today's world many family Domostroi has long been revised. OK that women earn and men look after the house and prepare to eat. This is a normal family arrangement. It's a good balance.

I now it is about stories where a man does "male" and female "female" does not.

Moreover,  by the woman,  this is accompanied by a phrase - I don't like to cook. I don't like to wash the floors. I don't like to deal with the economy. I don't want to have sex. I don't want ...( to ski, bike, skate, etc.) this is how I am and do not want to change. 

of Course, the question may arise: What initially attracted them to each other? The answer is simple. As a rule, in the early stages of the relationship we are to each other a kind of Demo version, which is the demonstrative function ( washed floors to his arrival, cooked dinner).But it is not the function default) 

the Construction of couple relationships is work. The establishment and operation of pair - work too. Yes, everyone joins in order to perform a certain role for the partner. 

it Turns out that not performing a "female" female partner helps the male not to see "mom's heavy,"  the place where painful to watch. And then it is better to see what developed - mess, no dinner, no sex. 

These thoughts I have not confirmed the facts of the study. Not always was the opportunity to explore the ancestral family history. In those situations where you know, where you had the chance  to look deeper it is. My mom has something heavy. And then to have a wife without the "female" is a good way to revive the mother.

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