About female sexuality said a lot and men somewhat deprived in this regard. But as it turned out, even judging by my experience of a psychologist, sexologist and psychotherapist, they want to be sexy like women.

to Work with men is not less interesting than women, especially when there are wonderful changes which a person feels directly at the reception.

In this case, it is better to illustrate on the example of my work with a client from Moscow who was 28 years old, and the relationship beyond friendship came rarely, and if they came, then somehow did not develop, and again, everything went back to normal.


Guy said: "I am often put in the friend zone and not able to jump". Further, he noted that too understands women and girls leads to them long conversations, often serves as a "vest", and as a result almost never manage to set a sexual context.

When I, as a good psychologist, asked him to remember something or to present on this topic to understand how relationships work, the guy said, "Yes, I see I'm talking to a girl, I'm sick of her emotional outpouring, but I can't help myself, I have to listen to".

Now he understood that he doesn't have to be a psychologist for each (especially free – my note), to the detriment of themselves. And he removed himself from the habit to maintain about himself an opinion.

Instead, the guy got a new state, which is now peculiar to him: "to be natural and behave the way I want, because I don't owe anyone anything".

Next came an interesting story called: "I'm afraid to touch girls." And he remembered his teacher, from the category "grymz" which chastised him: "you know the girls touch!". Giving the history teacher, (the guy called it "not your business"), and filling yourself with wayward ways, he moved on, and we came to the next client's request:

"I think I began to look differently at girls. They also want and are waiting to be touched. Take your fear and inhibition in this plan, and fill in as closer, and a desire to touch".

Here's an interesting passage came out. And then I remembered the story of first love, when he, from the perspective of the girls, behaved as something fairly frivolous, she thought it was shameful, and I told him about it, then it stopped client.

Now his approach has changed, and he called it a "game of touch", saying: "I am clean from all the negative that was left from the story, and fill themselves with pleasure from the game, and new sensations".

and for dessert, another story from my practice for a psychologist and sex therapist. It was already another client, he told that too was hard to get just one, fairly innocuous at first glance of the situation: when he flirted with my classmate, and he thought it both pleasure, she suddenly said to him: "don't touch me, fool!", then it hurt much, and besides, made a certain confusion in understanding the future of women.

From him we have removed the incorrect behaviour, which he called a "broken mechanism", making instead the element of play in his future relationships, as well as the ability to continue no matter what.
As said Viktor Saltykov: "sexual experience allows you to discover new horizons of sexuality, is not available in basic version".

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