Мама, ты меня любишь?

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Seemingly ordinary question for a child. But sometimes adults we do not find the answer. And often is afraid to ask the inner voice. br>
Love mom gives proof that this world safe for us and accept with wide open arms, and people are inherently good. br>
What happens when in practice we encounter a cold, neurotic or "dead" mother? In fact, this arises the question: "do You love me?". If you dig deeper, then gradually this issue transformirovalsya to another "And I exist? Who Am I?" Our life is a way to achieve this response. We are trying to earn the love of everyone who can offer it to us: spouses, bosses, children, friends, a saleswoman from the grocery. It is possible to choose the most extraordinary ways. For example, put yourself as a victim on the altar of the family, to manipulate and to protest, to engage in codependent relationships, trying to save his love from alcoholism, gambling or even take a miracle to melt the heart of his passion that the thing freezes with the seasons. Familiar? Well, bingo!, to get some terrible illness that everyone finally saw how bad you are, and how unfairly you are treated. In fact, do everything that makes the child to get love. Unfortunately, it never brings the fruit. br>
In its psychological and pedagogical practice, I met many examples that clearly indicate a pattern. In kindergarten, where I started work after University, was "uncontrollable" boy. I won't describe all the details, but the previous teacher "sent" to a well-deserved rest after the event, when she tried to bind him with ropes. New Year's eve, we read a magical story, I lit a candle inside a glass house, fantastic atmosphere, the guys began to make the most cherished wishes. Someone wanted a big doll and the designer, others fantasized about the four-legged friend, but when it came to this child, he said quietly: "I wish my mother loved". At that moment my heart was ready to burst into pieces, but then I learned that there are no "bad" children, there are children who need a little more love. br>
"what to do, the time is lost, and I can't come and say, "Mom, I child needed your love and protection!" And many moms are gone, and, in General, ashamed of such thinking!". br>
We all come from childhood. But now we adults, and we are able to continue loving each other, doornkaat and dokachivat himself to let into his world with warmth and tenderness, to learn how generous to give himself the love and enough of it, when they become parents themselves. br>
I Will be happy to walk with You this way.
Assad Alain Ashdown.

Asadova Alena
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