Maminky son


Life under her mother's skirt or boy forever"
Around us are tens of thousands of adult men and women who only seem older, in fact, they will forever remain under her mother's skirt. Specifically on men, that in common parlance they are called "the waterboy". This concept is usually put that the man either was not able to get away from mom and lived all his life with her, or tried to start a family, but after the failure and divorce, is a new attempt to become independent, he again returned to the mother. And forever.
At the level of everyday understanding, this male-specific behavior, usually due to the fact that "men and lacked independence". Or the fact that "this child is too much loved, and that was raised to be selfish". In all this there is some truth to it. But if to speak seriously of the reasons that man has passed through life Mama's boy, three. the
First. Genetic predisposition. That is a bad heredity, related to the fact that the relatives were too many troubled people – alcoholics, drug addicts, compulsive gamblers, criminals, suicides, schizophrenics, etc., Or, say, the mom or dad is pretty drunk, especially in the process of conceiving or carrying a child. In this case, future men initially too low level of hormones responsible for male behavior. Including during sexual activity. After all, no self-respecting, sexually active adult man will never live on the territory of its parents, especially my mom. By the way, this is well noticed even in ancient times, when Russian language originated the concept of "idle". Which meant not only "lonely" and "empty", i.e. not able to conceive a child, just because of low sexual activity.
unfortunately, these men later bound themselves "the green serpent", and often drink too much. the
Second. The wrong behavior of the mother. Observations show that "mamenka sons" grow from three groups of women:
A. Woman later gave birth to the child. In this case, the child – "this is our everything", so for him to solve all the problems and it is systematically grown selfish and parasite. Further, all my life, "no momma, well, just no way!"
B. Women with unsettled personal life, single mothers, often changes men, and therefore have a guilt complex over their destitute and neglected child.
V. Women, or where the husband was rarely at home (pilots, sailors, drillers, etc.), or – a violent alcoholic and a brawler. In this case, the child – "the only person who understands me", so it falls too much maternal attention. The mother in this case, almost makes up for your child the lack of communication with the man.
All these cases have in common is a clear bias in communication of the mother with the child. Mother the whole world narrows to the size of the child, for the younger boy, the whole society is perceived only through the prism of the mother. Therefore, these children grow up without social skills, skills it is a normal struggle for their place under the sun, skills of achieving the goal, in General, most skills of setting goals in life. That is why, without a mother they live and can not in principle. And, subconsciously, so did the mother: to child from it will not go away, it is thus guaranteed a at least communicating with someone for the rest of your life (having a deficit of this communication to youth). That is why these moms and distilled from his adult son all those girls who can "steal it", ruining his family life. the
Third. The lack of examples of male behavior. It is in the case of divorce of parents when the boy was less than ten years, or the death of his own father. In this case, the boy would grow up just saw before him the examples of this man's behaviour, not learned to copy them. This is especially often in such families, where there is no Pope, but there are a lot of women living along or near sisters, grandmothers, aunts. It is their feminine behavior is to the future of man the only correct point of reference. As a guide for this guy, alas, not! the
Fourth. The tragic personal life. I sometimes met men whose connection with the mother in adulthood was explained by the fact that they are young to someone in love, but the girls abandoned them or betrayed. In a distant and brought them to a complete disappointment in women and life with the only woman on earth whom they can trust: with your own mother.
But, as a practitioner, I this explanation does not believe and am convinced that the secret behavior of these here sissies still due to either some of the first three reasons, or (most often) – some combination of these.
the Conclusion from all this is simple. It is important to know their own and others ' inheritance and the right to educate children. And then the son grows up real Man.

Zberovskiy Andrew
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