Katya was born inquisitive and lively girl. Life events caused her interest, the desire to help those in need, to rejoice where it was fun. The animal dragged the homeless, neighborhood kids sweets out of the house will distribute. One day, ran out to save the dog, who miraculously stayed alive.

Mom Katya's name was Ludmila, but for girls, it was the mom. The girl adored the mother, and tried as he could to make her life easier. Not be crossed, small things are not pulled, helped around the house, at school he studied diligently. Father Katya, Lyudmila divorced after a few years of marriage, he drank, beat, really made him impossible to rely upon. A new relationship Lyudmila was hard. She loved her, no. She did what I could, even had to send Katya to her grandmother, to the object of adoration not escape ahead of time.

Katya reluctantly suffered her grandmother's dictatorship. The girl was irritated by the restlessness, the grandmother often temper on the child. Katya was stung by unnecessary, often cried, but tolerated. It became easier when the moms brother, uncle Alex, married. The wife of this foolish and angry relative, became soft and kind aunt Lola. Relatives lived close by, Katya often they have been. Uncle Alex this happy was, but not persecuted. Aunt Lelia was sorry for the girl. When my top will you give when you feed, when and at night will leave if it is unbearable it became.

the Mother, meanwhile, remarried and took the family of children of her husband's relatives, who are left without parents. Grandmother scolded daughter, conscience, called to take Katya, but the girl Mama defended. Convinced that it is difficult to raise children, good mother and good, because the kids pass, not like human beings. As time went on, the girl finished school and found a technical school. Studied, worked, tried to help mom with money. Dreamed of a trip to St. Petersburg, saved money. When the desired amount has accumulated, changed his mind and gave the money to my mother for a birthday. Imagine how mommy will pass those streets on which she wanted to go, climb on top of St. Isaac's, in Peterhof to see the gold statues with fountains, shone all, when the money gave. Lyudmila then were not able to go, foster children in the camp the money was sent.

Katya was not offended, she met and fell in love Mitsu. Met by chance, immediately liked each other and spun a short novel, followed by painting. Wedding young naskrebsti not limited to supper in a cafe, which invited Mityushin mom and Lyudmila with the husband. In the café, everything was awkward. The words, uttered suddenly, as if frozen in the air, unable to find continue.

Young settled at Miushinau mom. The apartment, though small, have dolls with Mitusha had their own room. She quickly found language with mother-in-law. So good things were that she believed that I could find what she never had-a family. Home on the wings flew, a smile formed itself on her face when thought about the future, about children.

Protected Mitsu, saw the tired, tried not to Wake up, if not waited for her from work. Released resignedly, if Mitose with friends I wanted to visit. Did not realize that something is wrong, and how to understand the heart and broke. Mitusha was a drug addict. Katya terrible suspicion was shared with aunt Cherish. Mother-in-law was sorry, mommy your worries, grandma only got to grips with life without her and enjoyed the liberation from his granddaughter.

Aunt Lelia news caught off guard, upset. She poohali, estimated this way and that, and then sensibly decided that while it is possible and Mitusha to live, to accumulate some money and then remove the housing and try to change lives. Katya lived with the hope. Worked from morning to night, home only to sleep came, almost did not rest. One day, much to the nausea, headache. Kate malaise was blamed on fatigue. The attacks of pain became more Katya in pain, but relaxing was impossible. One day while going to aunt Lele, fainted. Horny aunt Lola started to ask questions about the health and insisted on the passing of doctors.

it turned Out that Katya's first tumor. Fast progressing and located so badly, that to undertake an operation nobody wanted. Lola used all his talents to find a surgeon who agreed to help. Katya was in the room and was very afraid of the upcoming. Wanted to see mommy, to talk, asked Lelia to persuade her, but she did not. Katya had died on the operating table.

Concerns about the funeral went to the Alex with Cherish. Mom bravely took the death of his daughter and took over the purchase and installation of the monument on the grave. A lot of time spent on it and money, arguing for the fact that this was exactly her idea. The monument is really unusual happened. Look like it came off of a prototype-a small mammoth on the ice. Katya in childhood, this cartoon was very fond of.

life story ended. Katya failed to realize their dreams, to see the Venice of the North (the so called Peter), to feel the love and attention mothers, grandmothers, to know the happiness of motherhood, be the only on the planet for a loved one... none of this for her will be gone.

could be another scenario? With such a cool grandma, could become a loving mother? Having such a family history, could Katya to marry a guy without addictions? What could help her most?


Galina Sipkova
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