Mamsko. About the anger.


In our society, the strong restrictions imposed on manifestations of aggression of anger, especially against the weak and defenseless. This rule has helped mankind to survive, because otherwise women and especially children just to kill.  But why these weak enrage so much?

so this guy just wants a toy, yelling and refusing to leave the store. He doesn't care that he had such much that it will bother him in half an hour, and to pay for it will have half the salary. You earned not him. 

Mom will be to convince him AAAA

to Persuade - AAAA

to Explain - AAAA

Tries to promise something in return - aaaaaa

Tries to pick up and carry AAAA

All the more she did not know how. She feels so helpless that I want to also fall on the floor and start your ahhh. Any observer will see an adult and a child where the child is suffering and wants a toy. But inside, mom and the situation looks quite the opposite, that she feels lonely and helpless child who's abused a demanding and unforgiving demon. Then from the depths of the archaic psyche will rush rage. And it will turn into that mother spanks son to not be dismissed. Because of the hysteria should be punished, otherwise the child will decide that it can be done. And so it is impossible. 

All moms and dads are familiar with such failures. If you're not familiar then, congratulations, you suppress their aggression perfectly. 

we were All babies, I hope, no doubt about it. Our mind evolved from splitting to integration. Each baby decides for themselves a basic question: mom good or bad? The answer to this question will then apply to yourself, other people, life in General, fate, God, the cosmos, etc etc But no response yet, mommy is good, beautiful, perfect, loving and feeding, horrible, torturing, forcing to starve and suffer many fears, depending on how the mother copes. 

Anyone, even the most healthy person, familiar state "surrounded by enemies", it's the same as a bad mother. 

for Example, here lives a couple loves each other.  Suddenly they quarreled, who have to go to close the window and somehow parted on bad terms and went to their corners. And she's worried, "If he loved me, it would never have said, after all he's a Mama's boy, should have left him in the Institute". And he thinks: "Again yelled at me, the same hysterical like her mother. Work-work, all the suffering, what is still necessary at all?" And then walked away like nothing again, love each other, released. What was it? They don't like each other? They are the truth about each other was thinking, when I fight or put up? The way it works the splitting. How we perceive other people depends on how we feel and how the situation imposed on our psyche as a whole.  against children is also also. 

the fact that when we feel bad, when there is no power, the person regresses to the archaic layers of the psyche. Parent plops down in your own early experience and then job number one is to swim out of it. And to bring up later when released.

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