Drawing or weaving of the mandala is an instrument of self-regulation for any person.

the Appearance of the mandala we owe to India, exactly where she began the tradition of drawing this complex geometric shape,symbolizing the world a certain model of the Universe: the circle is the universe itself,inside the outer circle in the Indian tradition ,as a rule,there is another circle-the world of the gods,often depicted as a Lotus.Mandalas come in different forms,made of different materials,always in them one thing-the presence of the circle. Drawing mandalas carried sacred meaning. The mandala was drawn on the floor,on the walls and ceilings of temples,they  were worshipped. First mandalas  mentioned   in the ancient Indian treatise "rig Veda". Later mandalas in connection with the development of Buddhism in the East has spread throughout Central Asia. Tibetan tradition of drawing mandalas is less ancient than the Indian, but also a sacred and helps to get closer to God. Sacred meaning of the mandala remains in the East to this day.

the West is obliged to coming mandalas, Carl Gustav Jung the founder of analytical psychology. During his travels in the East Yung looking for ways of self-regulation of the psyche and found the mandala. For many years K. G. the morning started with drawing mandalas: the first he drew a circle,and various shapes. Almost immediately he realized that mandala reflects his mental state. Many well-known history of Jung's mandala is broken,which fully demonstrates the relationship of States of mind and the painted image: the day of the arrival of a letter a friend,full of sarcasm and irritation, Carl Gustav found that the edges of the circle depicted after reading it, open.

Mandala in Sanskrit is a circle,disk,Orb,sphere. Mandala is the symbol of the feminine,the great Mother,the Progenitor of everything in the world and the Universe itself. The mandala essentially is the birth of life.

In the teachings of Jung's mandala expresses the Self. He thought she was "a sacred space that protects the centre".The task of the mandala and symbolically protect the center of the individual from external attacks.

As the mandala promotes self-regulation? In the process of drawing mandalas brought from the unconscious to the conscious level of different blocks and through the figure they worked out automatically,it becomes easier to find the right solution in difficult situations. Mandala lead to equilibrium, and integrate the physical,mental and emotional levels,and develop both hemispheres of the brain,learn to listen to your intuition,relieve anxiety,help to relieve stress, promote the development of creative thinking. 

How to cope with the arisen difficulties crocheted mandala?

In the process of winding the yarns on the wooden spokes person mentally focuses on the problem, the middle of the mandala-its beginning and essence of a painful situation until she's fallen gradually to live  negative emotions. Each new layer is knitted in a different color and often helps to answer the question about the root of the evil situation that a client comes. Completion of the mandala he either understands what direction to move for the successful resolution of the situation, or there is a gradual transformation of his condition and he finds later.

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