For me, spring is the revival, and always feels like a good time to start a new creative revolution. For over 5 years, I dedicate every year to explore and deeply investigate any one of the art therapy modality and deeper into her. Over the past year I have devoted considerable attention to the study of mandalas and collages, as well as exploring the shadow side of the personality in the painting.

I Recently finished my sketchbook of Mandalas, and I want to share with you how I was really moved by the process of creating the mandala. This process helped me get rid of some of his habitual patterns of behaviour and world views. It never ceases to amaze me in terms of - as art shows us our sore spots and treats them with such gentle, friendly and encouraging way.

Through this work I have created "the Course inspired creativity", which I want to share with you. It is daily reflections, practices in art, questions for deeper self-knowledge, and of course the game.

this spring but still snowy day, I send you lots of love for the creative start of 2018, with some reflections and guidance on how to coordinate your various contradictory parts of ourselves, to find and connect with their inner world.

the Road by walking.. Well, come on?!

Lesson 1. Our creative diversity.

Talk about taking yourself and about the basic feelings of creative energy.

Our personality has many different parts, known fact.

a Few years ago when I started to explore my psyche through expressive and intuitive art, I was amazed to find how much I have inside. As various aspects spilled out through my spontaneous collages, mandalas and intuitive picture, I saw that I have not only parts of different ages and temperaments, different representatives of my kind, but also masculine and feminine energies, and all these aspects are struggling for expression.

A part that I so skillfully ignored and/or concealed from sight in order to more comfortable life, were often younger, more quiet and secretive and, of course, affected parts. I drove them deep inside because they were more sensitive; they have experienced unacceptable emotional needs, grief, loss, shame, fear, pain and anger.

emotional pain

Popular psychology not long ago determined that we all have a lot of different characters inside of our psyche (subpersonalities), and that's fine. Perhaps people are afraid to take it personally because of the stigma of multiple personality disorder, or as it is now called, dissociative identity disorder.

the Reason for our diversity, in my experience, that each of us creates a brilliant psychological mechanisms for storing and protection from unexamined feelings of emotional pain. You can directly live in emotional pain, not including their personality, but most of us can live the emotional pain of human experience only gradually. Work personal parts - a gentle and creative way in order to slowly unravel the emotional and psychological pain.

When we understand what they need and how it works, we do not need to remove any parts, hide them, be ashamed or afraid to look in the eyes of others "normal" - so to say "sane". Understanding and integrating all the different parts of ourselves can be a creative process and very much fun. Each of us intuitively found profound ways to manage the emotional pain from our past. We all have different subpersonalities that represent different strategies for dealing with emotional pain and physical injury.

And, most earnestly, that each of us has access to his authentic self, with which we were born. And it's authentic, I can with great care, creatively and with curiosity to watch our diverse defensive armor against pain. Our authentic self is the dynamic and eternal soul force that can not only observe the emotional expression of our personality parts, but can direct them to remake, and love them as much as to heal and re-integrate and encourage them in their mission – for the gifts that they intended to bring into our lives.

None of our parts is not bad.

Understanding that we have many different parts inside ourselves can free for creative balancing of his self. Once we accept the diversity of all parts of ourselves, we integrate in a single whole I which are connected, full of vitality and love. And each part is recognized its strengths, begins to emerge as a star in our daily lives.

All of our part of the individual is merged in the internal ecosystem, and they all want to play constructive inner roles. Problems arise when our internal parts are forced to play extreme roles under the influence of certain traumas, shame, rejection, disapproval, or problems in our external family system. The current external stress can trigger and exacerbate an extreme mode of operation of our internal parts.

Most of us are silently struggling with what we might call our "inner demons". We are often afraid not characteristic manifestations - when the various repressed emotional parts of ourselves are activated. Sometimes our forbidden needs, feelings and desires seep, and we wonder own behavior. Remember how it is? A common phrase for all that we do or say something out of the ordinary: "I just wasn't myself." Yes)!

Many of us live in strictly controlled situations, only occasionally experiencing emotional outbursts or loss of control.

We numb ourselves that we cannot and do not want to accept itself, and therefore hidden and rejected parts of our personality tend to distort in what we call our "inner demons". Any feeling, need, desire or behavior trait that has been banned in the past becomes banished from our consciousness. However, all forcibly expelled is still there and always threatens to erupt.

This is a very complex topic and we are definitely going to delve into it, but I suggest to make a pause and start to get acquainted with your characters soul, with portions of personality. So only those who know can accept.

the Exercise that I offer you today is a drawing Mandalas.

Mandala the figure in the circle, according to the Eastern beliefs to have curative properties.

now Listen to yourself. Would you describe your feelings. What you feel now. Whatever colors work best to convey your inner world now. Now I suggest you make this exciting journey an adventure into the depths of yourself, to the sound of music, picking up the drawing tool, which you want to draw now, sitting comfortably where you are most comfortable with. You can at the table, on the floor, on the couch. Draw a circle. The perimeter of the circle can be any. If you want to go beyond them, you can do it — it's your round. Locate the circle center point that would cause you a sense of balance. It will help you achieve steady state. Think about those natural forms that grow and evolve from the center, for example, about flowers, trees, snowflakes or seashells. You are part of nature, and therefore you also have a center from which you can grow and develop. Start drawing from the center – your center – portraying any figures of a particular color, and let the composition of your drawing lines up itself, as if without your direct involvement. When you are finished drawing, sign the drawing and write the date and indicate where the upper part of the image.

And now, some reflection.

How do you feel you could share at this time. How did you feel during work? What do you feel now? Associate their feelings with color. You can send in your mandala to me or share in the community. And together we'll behold.

the Contemplation of mandalas brings invaluable advantages. Contemplating them, learn to listen to your own feelings, your own truth. Clean yourself from the unnecessary and treat your body and your soul.

see you soon.

Yours, Anna Rozhneva

Brashinsky Anna
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