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Our consciousness does not create itself — it stems from the unknown depths. In childhood it awakens gradually, and then throughout life each morning emerges from the drowsy depths of unconsciousness. Like an infant, it every day is born of the primordial womb of the unconscious" (Jung, C. G. Memories. Dreams. Reflections).

the complex is considered Unconscious by C. G. Jung and the followers as an independent and separate (separate and Autonomous) the entity in the human psyche with his thinking, affectivity and the archetype of the core of the complex.

the Number of complexes as a great number of possibilities of the manifestations of the unconscious “my name is Legion, for we are many» (MK. 5:9), but some complexes are part of the psyche of every human being without exception.

Such universal unconscious complex is the parent. As each came into the world through the birth mother and the act of birth, the fact of relationship with the mother is crucial, the parent complex can be named as one of the most powerful. For many years (sometimes a lifetime), he is opposed to the conscious personality setting to be independent - Mature to manage their choices, decisions and life in General. All the themes associated with the acquisition of maturity of a person is opened through the release from the power of the mother complex and the separation (separation) from her mother.


In folk belief, the root of this plant has magical powers. Although its use in medicine because of the toxic effect of alkaloids narrowly limited in the psychological perception of herbalists it takes a special place. Perhaps due to the similarity of the outlines of root of the plant with the figure of a man.

In Greece, Mandrake was associated with love of Aphrodite and the sacraments, it was believed that with the help of magical potions from Mandrake awakens in men the desire. The danger of uncontrolled impulses presented in the Iliad, where CIRCE drugged  companions of Odysseus drink with Mandrake and turned them into pigs.

to obtain the power of the Mandrake root, it was necessary to extract this “creature” from the mother earth into the light of consciousness.  the Mandrake was making a sound that can kill a person or to deprive him of reason.

When her roots dig

the sound plunges mortal folly”

(Shakespeare W. Romeo and Juliet).

Here we can recall unbearable for hearing ultrasonic frequencies, which makes the baby during crying, to attract attention.

To extract the Mandrake from the earth had to protect themselves from the screaming plants. For this purpose it is outlined in magical characters and was tied to the dog that took the “anger” of plants and died, pulling the root out of the ground. 

In the psychology of power (energy) related to ideas about the magical properties of the Mandrake is called libido. Held in maternal space, she remains unconscious. Freed from his mother – of the earth it becomes active sexual and vital energy, necessary for full creative implementation.

Station No. 8 in the Game means that:

  1. relevant To you theme effects on your consciousness from the unconscious maternal complex.
  2. Release vital energy libido from binding to the mother is the current vital task.
  3. you Have the power to solve this problem, and for the transition to adulthood need to finish the job once the separation process from her mother.
  4. Your “Apple” - sexual energy and other potency belong to you, not your mother. Managing that energy is your goal as an independent adult.

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