Manic and depressive


Good evening dear friends comma, today let's talk about depressive and manic characters.

If you try to Express the essence, we can see that depressed people a large part of the anger, negativity and negative emotions, is not directed at other people (like regular people))), and on themselves. And this is a very big difference between this character type from others.

they Have such a feature, as psychoanalysts say "Anger turned inward". These people really, really remember, realize and monitor, each perfect of their misconduct or Russian cant)).

because of their organization, they are so arranged, in terms of the psyche that almost completely negate their good intentions, results, accomplishments, good deeds, traits. Relish and painfully experiencing their suffering as manifestations of their own selfishness.

One of the main constant feelings of this type, I would call sadness. This is not just a state or feeling, and it is the existential space, which creates their reality. Where they are on the "island of sadness and loneliness in the ocean of hopelessness."

there are several main types of psychological protection.

the First is the mechanism of introjection.

the Second type is "appeal against himself."

And the third is "idealization".

As may be, if you're interested, I'll pay this time and tell us more.

In fact, people with a depressive nature, have an unshakable inner faith and conviction that they are the essence, really bad. The so-called moral masochists, they will regret their selfishness, greed, envy and passion and so on. And against this background to idealize and exalt others.

And when you meet at the reception of such people often ask themselves "what is their secondary benefits?", to smear himself. I have the feeling that they really, somewhere to relish and get a masochistic pleasure from this process. In my opinion, this is one of the most difficult types of clients, because they perceive a neurotic reaction as its norm.

depression has its reverse side is mania. Men have dominated the hypomanic radical in the structure of personality, in fact, also possess structural depressive organization, but they have neutralised using the psychological defense mechanism of "denial." These people can be recognized from a distance, they chirp and filled as the Nightingale)), they have a very high potential energy, arousal, sociability and switching, some permanent party.

Manic, too, tend to a depreciation and idealization, and in this they have similarities with people with depressive personality.

the Weakness and vulnerability is that they have not formed the emotional-volitional sphere of personality, which identifies the failure in opposition to pressure from others and the outside world. They are as easy to set goals, and easily distracted from them, under the influence of any external circumstances and others.

Packs Anton
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