You wonder how often manipulating You, and how often You manipulate?

I can answer you permanently.

Manipulation is a conscious process of creating illusions about oneself and the surrounding, thus, manipulations are derived from the illusions of manipulation is inseparable from the illusions.

unlike the animals, we have a second signal system, and we can dream and fantasize. For animal, if not elaborated conditioned reflex, the food is always the food (appearance). With the help of imagination and speech, we create an illusory world as others, and myself.

unable to Manipulate everything from small children to the media and the government. And is it on a subconscious level and more often than you can imagine.

Women are oblivious (or so they say), manipulate men to get what they want from men, starting with presents and ending with full implementation of their desires (then comes the death of the relationship, but that's another story).

Men happy to try to manipulate women and many really succeed. The desire to get what you want from women without teams, and create internal motivation in women are the true manipulation.

Children bossing their parents, demanding his cries and weeping in infancy, stubbornness, the "disease" of jealousy, the protests and threats in adolescence.

the Parents rule the children, exercising total control, demanding strict implementation of the instructions; pretending to be ill to attract attention to himself.

Teachers manipulate children, forming in them the skills of sociability, learning ability and self-development.

In General, manipulation is much better orders and instructions, if it is not an army.

Many parents are able to manipulate children, and the impact on the child, carried out by two methods: the carrot and the stick. Growing up, the adult in communication with the world as well. So male or female or buy what they want to obtain from a partner or team and require.

In working with clients psychologists very often play different types of manipulation. The skillful manipulation of the family much less fight, and the kids really do what parents want.

Vitaliy Gavrylenko
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