How to avoid becoming a victim of manipulation? But if manipulated, what to do?

In this article I will analyze the statement ‘How to manipulate people”. We will consider the steps taken by the initiator of manipulation, the aims it pursues and what methods of protection from this effect.

don't be confused by the statement ‘How to manipulate people”. In my opinion it is useful to study to know the technology of manipulation and to be able to see when these technologies will begin to apply when interacting with us. In order to see that we are being manipulated, in addition to knowledge of technology to manipulate, still need to keep a cool mind and approach everything with a sufficient level of criticality. With a sufficient level of criticality, without fanaticism, not to see manipulation where there is none.

so “How to manipulate people" is a universal statement, it is used in sales and other areas, as harm and benefit.

This manual is for the initiator of manipulation and describes what steps he needs to take to manipulate people.

  1. Carefully consider your audience. Search for people in search of seeking answers to questions, wanting to escape from all problems as well as those who demonstrate feigned confidence or, on the contrary, doubters.

the Goal of the initiator of manipulation: the search for people who are in a psychologically unstable condition, who are looking for ways out of this state, as the most vulnerable to psychological influence.

Protection: be wary of people that appeared in your surroundings in a similar situation and promising you the solution to all problems.

  • Check their level of knowledge and degree of interest. Check out how they are interested in you and your product. Ask them lots of questions, get to tell how deep they are familiar with the subject and then inform you that although you may doubt, of false can not be considered. Rate how actively they respond to it. Submit your information so that it is perceived as reliable, and you – as a specialist.
  • the Goal of the initiator of manipulation: testing the client on the credulity and suggestibility, looking for leverage on him.

    Protection: pay attention to the argument, based on officially confirmed facts, statistics. If you are not confident can't make a decision without consulting with the independent expert in this field.

  • Use the arguments of the most General nature, covering the relevant area of expertise. Get your listeners to agree with you.
  • the Goal of the initiator of manipulation: using indefinite words, the manipulator would create “an empty box”, which fills itself manipulated. Thus it seems that the manipulator describes in detail his experiences and expectations. The positioner adjusts the customer's consent and acceptance of all that he said.

    Protection: when faced with people who “talk” about anything, such are especially numerous among the politicians, don't follow “beauty”, but listen to the argument, officially confirmed the facts, experience, logic.

  • Build a system of relations with the interlocutors, forcing them to feel trust to you, and in every way strengthen the established connection.
  • the Goal of the initiator of manipulation: applying special methods of communication, to gain trust and develop relationships.

    Protection: treat with caution to the situation that is causing you to begin to trust a certain person.

  • Get them to voice their desires. Describe possible situations in which they will get the undeniable benefits of if will follow your advice.
  • the Goal of the initiator of manipulation: identification of the needs of the client. Motivating the client to “the ingestion of bait”.

    Protection: save sobriety of mind and to be in contact with reality.

  • Gradually begin to prepare them to the idea that getting to know you opens new prospects for them. Awaken in them on an emotional level, the desire for your proposed ideas, but let them know that this opportunity is open for a limited time. Try to temporarily deprive them of the opportunity, but give them another chance, referring to the suddenly changed circumstances, in this case, check the condition of the immediate decision.
  • the Goal of the initiator of manipulation: application of various techniques of influence, to increase the motivation of the client and its dependence on initiator manipulation.

    Protection: treat with caution to the situation when limited time to make decisions when you're forced to make a decision quickly. This situation often created in order to give you the opportunity to think things through, make you take a obviously bad decision for you.

  • Established your connection is to try to strengthen before I say goodbye.
  • the Goal of the initiator of manipulation: positioner “will akarit” appeared psychological dependency of the client, using various techniques - “hooks”.

    Protection: treat with caution to the situation when you are trying to convince you that without this person you have nothing and you without it untenable. Maybe it makes sense to communicate with other experts.

  • If buyers placing you claim, prove to them that the problem wasn't your fault, putting a possible culprit. Put the responsibility on the chief. Tell us about your sick grandmother and on has overtaken you problems. Get them to empathize.
  • the Goal of the initiator of manipulation: to absolve themselves of responsibility and act as victims to evoke sympathy and empathy, which can subsequently “play”.

    Protection: take care to this situation, do not give in to emotions, including logic and common sense, try to keep a sober mind.

  • Continue to act in the manner described until, until they finally commit to you or until you no longer see you. In the first case, you create the illusion that they are among the elect, which information is available, which is owned by you. Always try to help them so that their dependence on you has been amplified, in parallel, opening up new opportunities to move in the direction that you specify.
  • the Goal of the initiator of manipulation: the formation of psychological dependence on the initiator of manipulation, the ‘tying yourself”.

    Protection: always try to find alternatives, of course, where possible. Indispensable — is one of the levers for manipulation.

    As you may have noticed between the manipulation, management, sales and other types of exposure, a very fine line. In this situation, it is very important to stay on the "razor blade", not a story on possible manipulation and not lose anything but also not to refuse the advantageous offers suspecting that you are being manipulated. For this you need to maintain conscious control over their emotions, to keep touch with reality and based on facts, and not to rush rashly to make decisions.

    the rule is when you're forced to make a quick decision to stop for 10 seconds and answer yourself the question: “What happens if I don't take the decision immediately?”.

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