Manipulative games


In fact, we all know how to manipulate! Intuitively choosing the approach in the interaction that will best influence the interlocutor. We sincerely sometimes do not even notice as we do! It's part of our communication!

to Manipulate, so to embed in the mind of another person, his thought so he sincerely believed that it was his decision and desire to do what is needed to create a call to action or desired solution.

How it looks in everyday life:
Now imagine the husband all day lying on the sofa, and his wife works tirelessly.
And if she returns home and she hears: “Light dinner prep!” - here her resentment, and anger! Dinner not see!
But a competent manipulator will say: “Honey, you're so good, work so hard, I'm proud of you! I missed you! All day today dreaming of your wonderful dinner! Because you alone are so tasty know how to cook my favorite dish!”
Then our world will be spending the evening at the stove, enthusiastically believing that it is her sincere decision to cook instead of relaxing!

in Order to notice them often need to know these strategies!
I have prepared for You a list of manipulative games:

the Belief in its unique appeal.
the Belief of its unique appeal.
Planning a happy future together without a real means to achieve it.
Attempt to become an integral part of the life of the beloved (beloved).
Attempt to shift the responsibility for causing their feelings to the beloved (beloved).
memories of good time spent.
Expensive gifts and expensive service in the calculation: “now he owes me”.
the Game of “small and weak” next to “big and strong".
playing "big and strong" next to “small and weak”.
looking at the situation from the point of view of public morality.
a reminder of the simultaneously existing connections and the possibility of their rupture at the termination of the relationship.
attempt to make a “forbidden fruit” of the continuation of the relations.
Alternation of enthusiasm and cold: the technique “Mexican soul" (by Association with serials).
a reminder of the effort and time spent on a partner.

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