When I'm doing couples counseling or individual on the relationship of a man and a woman, amazed by the answers to the following question:

why you went to the registry office and legalized your relationship?

  • I Wanted to be a Princess, white dress, dinner, gifts, beautiful photos etc.
  • I'm almost thirty years old, married, married, and I have one (one)
  • status
  • evil ex-boyfriend (ex-girlfriend)
  • Because it's necessary, my parents were against our free relationship
  • Mom wear them while to wait for grandchildren

Listen to these answers and see that most lack of understanding of family values, no understanding on what Foundation are created and strengthened the relationship between a man and a woman.

as a result of their meditation came to the conclusion, it is very advantageous to keep people in the dark.

- the more divorces, the more the state Treasury.

- If the person is divorced, then it is likely that he will repeat this cycle (marriage, divorce) once  again

- And if all people will start to appreciate family relationships and to come to the registry office consciously once in a lifetime – it's not beneficial to anyone.

In confirmation of my speculation comes in the fact that in any institution there is no such thing as ‘basics of family relations” or something similar, which presents the basic concepts about family values, the crisis and how they can be overcome, without rushing to such an extreme measure as a divorce.

Let's list who is fed at the expense of the wedding:

  • State getting a state duty for the issuance of a certificate of registration of marriage
  • restaurants and cafes
  • Photographers and video operators
  • Owners of jewelry shops
  • shop Owners of wedding dresses and men's suits
  • Owners of hair salons
  • makeup Artists
  • Owners of flower shops
  • the Owners of grocery stores
  • Tour operators
  • Manufacturer, custom cakes
  • the owners of the various shops where guests buy gifts for the newlyweds

Who fed at the expense of divorce? Especially in families where there are children and marital property.

In my opinion, all those who are close to the state, and whose services have to pay not only the specialist but also to the Treasury, and profitable divorce:

  • State gets double the state fee for the issuance of a certificate of dissolution of marriage
  • Courts
  • Lawyers
  • Lawyers
  • Notary
  • Independent experts in different areas
  • Appraisers
  • bailiffs


Love and family – it's not just words, it's a profession where it is important to learn and upgrade their skills throughout life.

Self-development has not been canceled! If in public training programs there are no such disciplines, how to create and maintain a harmonious relationship, that information is in books, articles, trainings, workshops. Everything is in your hands!

like that men and the women went to the registry office for marketing and public games, and with a conscious understanding of and responsibility for their relationship.


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