Maska position or how to wean a man to ask "to handle"


When I hear from men the notorious "hold me in your arms" in me is automatically included actress (genes, Stoll?)) and I immediately "weak". I begin to breathe, to think, and his whole appearance to show how difficult life of the modern woman.

a great many women in a relationship with a man occupy the position of mother. It happens unconsciously, because of women's nature. We, the women, the program  "sewn" in the brain. And men likes this.

Yes, and how may not like it that you care about as little. Here only women from this role tired. They have children of their own. And then there is another child weighing under a hundred pounds 🙄.

She would be the most to handle! So no, its not just "do not take" on the handle, but jump to it, "pity, take care heating".

What to do... Not to take, begging for an answer.😳 How to take handle of your own husband/man? Men tend to complain "I tired", "I Have so many worries", "I tired".

Can be silent and listen to how tired he was. And in response to the mirror: "I tired", "I Have so many worries", "I tired". The man, of course, surprised from the unexpected. You usually suffer in silence and work, work, work. And  then you "suddenly" tired.

You don't argue, let him surprised. Gently tell him "I'm weak compared to you!" Breathe sad and say sacramental: "Honey, hold me, please! I so need it!"

If you do this repeatedly, and you and men will be a new pattern. He cares about you. You take his care. Within reasonable limits, of course.

of Course, there are times when a man really bad (very) and then you need to listen and sympathize. But don't make this a rule.

If a man can afford to constantly be on your "handles", then very soon you his nature the weakness of the put you will give him. And then the man even  no need to castrate🥺

You also did not remain how to be strong. Even more.

Tired of the unusual role? Will have to play a game in which you "weaker" men. He takes you on the handle. Sometimes it is useful not to tolerate, and ... afford to be weak.

PS I Want to note, this is not manipulation. It's just a desire to remain a woman and man - man. Agree?😉

Author: psychologist,  Olga Fedoseeva

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