Mechanical intelligence and its application in their future profession


Everyone has their unique features. They manifest themselves early enough and are called inclinations, i.e. it is an innate quality. These include the nervous processes, their mobility, strength, reaction speed etc. Under favorable conditions, inclinations develop and grow in ability. There are abilities that are required for any activity, and there are special abilities that have value for certain professions. Technical skills pertain to such.

the Structure of technical abilities consists of technical observation, mechanical intelligence, advanced spatial imagination. Children who have a technical abilities before showing interest in the technology. They are doing jobs involving manual labour, understand the mechanisms and machines (toy trains, model aircraft, etc.). In the event of a breakdown toy, children can fix it using parts from other toys, he loves to collect constructor, and creates their buildings, machinery, tools (not in the pictures).  Often asks parents to share how the particular mechanism.

in children with well-developed spatial representations, it turns out, to operate the visual images. They can solve problems like:

In adolescence, in school these children get better.  the geometry than algebra. Physics is often one of the favorite items.

to determine if the child's technical ability, often enough observation and study of his favorite games, gear, you can also take tests. The following is an excerpt of such a test that determines the mechanical intelligence test (Bennett)

If the child easily copes with such tasks, he has technical abilities that should be used.

Very good experience and the development of technical abilities it is possible to obtain at school age in the centers  technical creativity. For example, mugs  aircraft or automotive industry will be a good base to understand what does best. Because  in order to do the study for the musician, the architect, to realize themselves in sport child needs in school to obtain basic skills, work out, finish an art or music school to see this activity become his life's work, and in engineering specialties the baby arrives, often do not understand the essence of their future profession.

a Professional field related to the technical abilities is quite extensive, and the person can self-actualize at any level  education.

good luck in choosing the right career path)

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