In this case, under the mechanisms of education refers to the assimilation of moral and personal qualities. This topic is well described in the work of Y. B. Gippenreiter "Introduction to psychology":

1) Mechanism of imitation: a child loves their mother, mom wears a scarf, the child imitates her and also wearing a scarf. But imitation appears and later on the stage of the Oedipus complex when the child begins to imitate the authoritative adult (he identificireba with both parents, but especially with the parent of your gender). This process, from the point of view of psychoanalysis, is the unconscious. Although imitation may be conscious.

2) Mechanism of assimilation of roles: in preschool age children develop role-play, mostly on everyday topics. Is the absorption of a child and mother, and assimilate moral norms: the child is punishing toys, etc.

3) Shift motif on the target athlete I. Rodnina came a little girl ice-skating to improve his health, but then the skating as the goal was the motive. Y. B. Gippenreiter is consider almost as the main mechanism of education.

4) Entracte (from psychoanalysis) is the statements of the parents, who assimilated unconsciously or which are very early displaced from consciousness into the unconscious, because the bring pain, depression and anxiety. For example: the woman thought arranged in any special way that men not pay attention to it. And found out that as a child her mother said she was ugly and not need anyone but her. It also appeared that the mother was terrified of loneliness, and wanted a way to keep near her daughter.

5) Kids solutions - very close to intracta. Have a catch phrase: "you Have hands." - is that parents leave her at a moment when the child is most sensitive, and the child adopts an internal decision, and live with that decision, ie sure in advance that he will fail.

6) Mechanism of self-education: at some point the person realizes that something is wrong, and he begins to build itself, to help themselves, to increase confidence in their own strength. It starts about 15 years.

7) a Powerful factor of influence on human consciousness is team. Makarenko found that to exhort, to explain, to talk about humanistic truths completely useless. But he began to rely on the team that built it according to certain rules, and the system worked.

Sergei Nadezhdin
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