Mechanisms of protection.


In one of my articles was very indignant comment about protection mechanisms. Saying that You are blamed for protection, and I protected nothing. I decided to write an article on the subject for non-specialists.

Security is an unconscious process and its presence we can track after the fact or not to track. The main function is to protect us from the adverse effects and to create an atmosphere of security. Let us at least temporary protection calms and reduces anxiety.

First of all, it is a way of behavior that the person chooses to reduce or to avoid negative feelings. And since those protections are not aware of people use them automatically, they are already so long in the Arsenal of the habitual behaviour that we can say they become "part" of human nature (always deny everything and do not believe anyone; constantly accusing others; the optimist who in any situation to find positive, etc.)

They are divided into

  • Primitive (denial, control, projection...) These protections are rough or clumsy, they are not able to notice the nuances, react quickly and indiscriminately. They impoverish human life if there are only primitive protection it's hard to be open to new experiences. He can't even be questioned that it may be different. A particular choice of protection depends on what it is trying to avoid people. This preverbal protection – they were formed in early childhood before the formation of speaking skills.

Example No. 1, the woman all around her says that her husband is cheating and has been seen several times. She denies it, even without calling it into question. "You're just jealous of me."; "It's only his business partner, and you're all wrong."

Example # 2 the client the psychologist explains that its model of relations with the opposite sex associated with the model of the relationship in his parental home. "No – it's not because of that! What You cling to my parents!"

In both cases is protection, most likely some kind of pain which you do not want to see.

the protection of the "denial" it is easy to track the person at the time when the event or the words or actions cause him, without interest, and a categorical "no", but if he starts to think or to explore a topic, ask yourself questions, it is likely he is not going to protect.

But as soon as there is another reaction in addition to interest or thoughts is protection.

If You say "you fool", and there is a denial, not with wonder and desire to understand what the person is likely projecting, then there is a defense possible childhood trauma, when someone uttered this phrase.

  • Protect Mature (rationalization, displacement, sublimation...). Unlike primitive react more subtly and more localized. A person can understand what he reacts, either on thoughts or on feelings or on sensations. These protections are more flexible and most importantly – they help people, we can say that this is a healthy creative adaptation. Their action is directed to preserve and to protect the self from threat:
  1. to avoid a powerful sense of psychogenic anxiety, grief.
  2. Preservation of self-respect, self-esteem, etc.

an Example of sublimation relief through a transfer of energy on socially acceptable activities. This conversion is unwanted, traumatic and unacceptable experiences in different types of practical activities. Creativity – the sexual tension, aggression is sublimated surgeon during the operation, a boxer in the ring, the fears of the screenwriter in the horror film. Gogol said that their evil inclinations, giving them heroes.

the most detailed information on the protection can be found on the network.

Sipacheva Elena
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