Melancholy - there is a solution.


Dreams shattered, the last hope has disappeared.

And it seems THIS is not to get the Feeling that there is no escape.

I just Want to lie on the couch and stare at the ceiling.

Even there, the word “want” has lost its meaning. Desires no, just no.

neither eat Nor drink. It's easier to die than to live. Longing incompatible with life.

But worse in the morning. This is the real hell. Relatives say something, but it is not clear why they bother. All lies. All of the hype.

Sleep would not Wake up. But even sleep does not help. If you fall asleep for a short while, often Wake up, remember some delusional fragments of a dream.

Previously, though the books were saved. Plunging in another, someone else, an eventful life, forget about the dullness and routine of his. And now - nothing catchy. Just one universal despair.

Even if a number on the chair was a million dollars, the emotion would not have arisen anyway.

I Understand that you are reading the article, I want positivity and drive. But if my phrase has responded in your soul and you heard some of his feelings, when read, what is said above, then maybe she is.


Unpleasant, of course, but it is reality.

the Person in this state is very vulnerable and helpless. His vision of the world differs from the usual, the usual. The consciousness is narrowed. Energy is at zero. Attention and memory refuse to work properly.


Because the causes can be internal, connected with the hormonal system of the body.

But maybe, this condition arose because of some event, recent or long-acting. For example, experience a situation of risk to life and health. As well as heavy casualties and loss, grief or separation.

Here, again, will help the psychologist. Not immediately. But gradually, with the help of special methods and techniques. And of course, thanks to open communication and supportive, healing relationships.


the longer kept, the more time is required for therapy.

Therefore: the earlier you respond to the SOS body and soul - the easier you can return to normal life, restoration of energy and activity.

Remember, THERE's ALWAYS a way!

Anna Hadasova
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