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How to become a leader! Part 21. Secret mission

(in addition to his research, I relied on research by V. Vasiliev, D. Ivanova, D. Volkov.Julia, D. Dennett, D. Hofstadter)

Today more talk about a thought experiment. But see: "the Tale is a lie, but it hint - good fellows a lesson". A thought experiment is an imaginary mental construction, but there are a lot of hints for good fellows - leaders...

now, imagine you fulfill a secret mission. You will need to defuse a nuclear warhead. In order that the brain was not affected by deadly radiation, he must remain in the lab. Hence the brain will monitor the body with the help of a radio communication system. All the nerve endings in the empty skull will be connected micropreemie and a microtransmitter, which will send the signal directly to the brain.

You put on a operation to remove the brain. Then you Wake up and ask myself: "Where am I"? Really, where are you? Your brain lies in a special liquid in a pan, and you are on the bed. In General, you sit and see your brain. Let's call you H1 and H2. So, your H1 H2 says: "You are my brain." So there are H1 - this is your brain, JA2 - your body. Where are you now? Imagine for a moment the brain transplant Oleg Sasha. Obviously, Sasha is getting Oleg. It is in the brain are all key psychological traits and qualities of personality and all the details of her history. So you are H1.

on the other hand, you are sent on a mission to defuse the bomb, and your brain lies quietly in a jar of liquid. Maybe on a secret mission go not you, and the radio-controlled biological robot? Or you are simultaneously in the brain and in the body? But you still recover on the job. But before completed the feat by defusing a bomb, something happens. You ceased to hear, see, speak, move your hands. In General, with the shutdown of the last transmitter, you suddenly per second are transported to the lab in your brain. It turns out, a second ago you were on the job for 100 km from the laboratory, but without a brain. And now you are already in the lab, but without a body. Hence, the immateriality of the soul is confirmed. Still, it stopped when the last radio communication between brain and body, you are at the speed of light has changed its location. And your weight, not increased.

But here is irreparable. Scientists immerse your brain to sleep and to save you, connect you to your new body. After all, your own body remained under the ground for 100 miles where you were defusing a bomb. You have a new body Я3. Your new body is also fully equipped with radio contact and controlled by H1. Soon you get used to your new body. Your new eyes, your eyes - the same smart and funny. Your nature has not changed, remained strong-willed and determined. Soon, obeying the sense of nostalgia, Я3 decide to visit yourself H1 - brain, which, as before, in the pot with liquid. Я3 go to the lab where you are greeted as a hero. Before you Bank, your brain H1. You are tired of these transformations, decisively, reaching for the switch that controls the system transmitters between the brain and the body, and turn it off. And continue to stand, though thought to drop lifeless body.

You're in shock, but the head of the laboratory explains to you: "When You operated on for the first time, was made a computer copy of Your brain. Was even written a program that worked like an independent copy - H4. The program connected to the transmitters Я3, so now this program received all the information and Your genuine brain. Like Your brain, the software processed the information and gave a response. But this reaction was not transferred to You as Я3, and recorded and compared. At the moment when You, as Я3, went to the lab, Your new body is led by program H4. That's why when You turned off the transmitters, So Я3 alive".

Now let's talk about the facts of real life. multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity disorder. It is a psychological phenomenon in which a person has two or more personalities. Each personality has its own behaviors and its own memory. Usually, these split personality is the owner - at the time the dominant personality.
How it is possible to live in our time with their identity? According to official figures one in four of us should be treated in a mental hospital, with complicated mental disorders. Most of the remaining part of various psychological anomalies and disorders. The state, the oligarchs and business owners, we impose the host. We are being manipulated and controlled through television, radio, Newspapers, the Internet and social media; we are being manipulated and controlled through education, training, training; we are being manipulated and controlled and in the kindergarten, and at school, and in universities, and at work. More on this can be read in my article Multiple worlds of Herman Gref.

a Full life can only be a person with his true identity. Various group educational courses, trainings and other forums only exacerbate the situation. People tend to gain their own identity, and throw them back into the abyss of a new manipulation, using their readiness for involvement and the desire to earn big money. You can read about it from G. Le Bon "Psychology of peoples and masses," or C Freud "Mass psychology and analysis of human I".
the only solution is self-education and individual work with a qualified professional, preferably with several higher education and, necessarily, with successful experience in several areas, including in business, when we talk about leadership.

... In sessions I often hear "I don't live my life", "I want to live differently", "I can't live", "I want to earn big money", "I want to be successful", " I live on the programme that has been put to me by parents," etc., etc.
After a while, I start hearing: "What has changed, I have become (-a) another way to approach things, I often rejoice", "I decided to change jobs and I have a new proposal," "I have gone panic and fears disappeared alarm".
... I Recently heard from a client the words that many of my colleagues have probably heard: "Where were you seven years ago? I have a very different would have been my life."
Since my work as a coach has passed 19 years.

Impossible for others, for you will soon become possible!

good Luck!

Damian of Sinai,
Executive coach on leadership, expert-analyst
head of the Center for strategic coaching and psychotherapy "Value Innovation"

Source: the Center for strategic coaching and psychotherapy "Value Innovation"

Damian Sinai
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