Men. Without nozzle.


It will be called the sect of Zen psychology to the stronger sex that much afraid to show weakness, which considers own feelings, the request for assistance and acceptance, and an outdoor heart-to-heart with anyone, even with a close friend not to mention wife and kids. br>
It is only the bourgeoisie start a sentence with the phrase "I (do not) want” and “I feel". br>
We're (not) or should we (don't) need. Because the pioneers-heroes Panfilov, 28 commissioners, Alexander Matrosov, virgin, tempered steel, and so on. Iron man image from which to make nails, as proposed by Mayakovsky, extended to our women gradually transfered from the state of the Motherland in feminists. br>
But a woman is still a woman, she needs to survive at least for children, and when this is threatened, she still opened and goes to counseling. Or in the Church. Or a fortune-teller. No matter, for all the support institutions.

But what about men? It is the only word in the Russian language, which ends in -A, however, is masculine - funny, huh? )

the Woman is able to trust and even to trust by nature. The man - no. Be flexible - it's a shame, though slippery, especially since ordering from women sounds like "stone wall". To be kind and soft - weak, to be open - lohovstvo smile in lybu in the alley and between the eyes to grab. br>
Cry - well, it's not acceptable, because right dangerous, though it is unclear what and how. What to do with the stress and misunderstanding? How to communicate with his wife, daughter and, most importantly, with your son? How to become big, strong, confident, kind, understanding and respectable, attractive to females and intimidating other males-rivals? Be real and not pretend to be.

This is the science, art, labor and time. But first and foremost it is education, which can happen only on trust. And here is the interesting point: female - rival each other, but trust, because who else understand. Although, prefer to go to the man, even to the gynecologist. br>
Why? Because when dog owners are walking their dogs, always ask: “you Have a boy or a girl?”. If the floor is different, it is possible not to worry, there will be no fight. And if one is keeping the leash taut. Men for this reason, prefer doctors and psychologists are female, because they seem kinder and will not be condemned. The fact of the parish. br>
And it's not the nurse, and the educators, the teachers and brachah because the men in the former Soviet Union in these areas is very small, with the exception of the evil surgeons and alcoholic of PE teachers Trudoviks-Polkanov. Men the same opponents, at least colleagues, they talk sideways, not face to face because you need to graze the perimeter for danger or prey. And always smug, because survival is common, but sexual reproduction is the only and sufficient cause of our eternal intraspecific competition. 

Shipping friend is also not the topic, it is better to drink. Then the soul will take, and the excuse is why sniveling drunk the same. A friend in a rush, each has a reason to drink, no hard feelings. br>
But, gentlemen, it does not solve health problems, relationships and work or per gram, it only gets worse and deeper buried. Moreover, in this example, you teach your son to do the same. br>
At that time, as complete confidentiality and work with a man-a psychologist give the desired safety, lack of judgment, knowledge, practices and tools to strengthen your men, that is to say, rod. 

From my consultations there are many men, but still no more than ⅕ part of the women. And almost none of them leave reviews, because it's embarrassing. To tolerate, rabotaetsya the dirt and fallen hero from bullets, disease or accident is, of course, very honorable and cool, but only bad for your health and your family.

So, guys, let's stop blowing feathers and cheeks, and begin to be really strong and brave. Please, work things out. Not for you, so for their wives and children, especially sons. 

Be healthy, enthusiastic, satisfied, loved and rich in all senses!

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