once I was asked a question:
"What mental problems?".

In psychology we rarely use this term, but since the last time this term is used in society more often, let us to understand it. Your answers to the girl-journalist I decided to write the article.

the Mentality is the cultural characteristics that are reflected in thoughts and emotions.Mental problems is when the thoughts affect your General wellbeing.

Too intense mental activity is persistence. Psychological problem begins with the moment when all our thoughts, powers and abilities of the person go only in one direction.

  • If this work captures the man, then start to suffer as human health, and family relationships.
  • If it goes human health (hypochondria), it affects work and family relationships.
  • If it is pathological jealousy, it affects all spheres of human life.

Roman philosopher Marcus Aurelius said:

Our life is what we think about it.

once I in the training spoke with three young people 25-27 years. One funny daredevil for whom life is a Grand adventure. Another perfectionist, for whom "the world is filled with people who do not follow the rules, good enough normal (such as it is)", and in this world it is necessary to restore order, and harshly. A third - alarm small, lives in a world where danger is everywhere, you can't trust anyone and all people for the most part aggressive. It seems that they live at the same time, in the same country and social status almost equal to, but of, say, virtual worlds are different.

In normal life conditions, man himself creates a "hell" or "Paradise" in their attitude towards events and people. If he can change the attitude, change your emotions, and impressions from the event.

what do you think, is there any chances of success in any business, if a person thinks that he has nothing that is impossible and it is better not to start, so as not to shame? This thinking not only defeatist, but, most likely, this person just starts to act, its own way of interpreting the adage that it is not mistaken who does nothing, and why waste time if still does not work.

In the world there are different events, but the meaning, assessment and colouring, both negative and positive, it gives people.

What you need to do first thing in the pair,
in which a man faced with mental problems?

Usually such problems are characterized by anxiety, obsessions or depression.

of Course, ideally, to consult a specialist. It will help to know whether the data is a mental problem age-related crisis, whether it is psychological exhaustion, whether it is pathology requiring treatment, or the usual seasonal Blues.

What to do to the wife if she sees signs of depression or anxiety in the husband, and he is against the diagnosis?

What kind of support should have a female partner in such a situation?To ask for starters, it can help.

it sometimes Happens that the non-durable state of depression a person needs to reload. At such moments a mug of hot tea with a blanket and unobtrusive understanding best. It is not necessary to pull at a person and say that is all nonsense, clap on the shoulder and offer to include, most likely, this will only cause him irritation.

If mental problems were preceded by prolonged stress, you may have a spouse psychological exhaustion, then need a rest, hygiene of thoughts (not to think about the bad), good sleep and nutrition and everything that helps relieve stress: massage, bath, good potryasenie all muscles of the body.

How to make this situation a couple closer together, and not Vice versa?

If when the person is experiencing some mental problems to begin the person make a claim of the type "you don't do something, did not pay attention to something", it will only alienate partners. People will begin to avoid the stimulus, and the sense of guilt in this case is not the best motivator. Offer assistance, talk unobtrusively about possible solutions to the problem, not behave aggressive – it is best to bring a couple in this situation.

How society affects men's views about their own health?

As we know, man cannot live outside society, and it just so happened that it depends on public opinion. Unfortunately, many public myths are not very good for men's health.

  • the Myth that men do not cry, forcing them to restrain their emotional impulses, which, as we know, not very good for the cardiovascular activities.
  • a Man must be a breadwinner and has no right to run the household. If this is acceptable to both spouses, then let everyone do what they like, why not?
  • Men always thinking about sex. In General, this myth that a man must be an alpha male, otherwise you're not a man, is harmful because it can spawn a bunch of complexes. As one man: "I Have problems, I don't want to have sex every day."
  • the Myth that men do not forgive cheating, spoiled health is not one man, although anonymous testing more than 80% of men would forgive infidelity, but society demands of another.
  • Man ought always to compete and win. For good or anxious person this race is likely to end in neurosis.

So as to prevent, to avoid any mental problems?

  • Pick a job according to their psychological type.
  • Learn to say no, defend your personal boundaries.
  • If you are in for a long period of stress, pay special attention to rest, nutrition and relaxation peregruzhateli not estimates.

Oberderfer Natalia
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