In recent years, more attention is paid disability. Although the government's actions against “special” grzhdan makes me very skeptical, yet we have to admit that the hype this topic involuntarily increases the awareness of people or even just draws attention to the otherness and to get used to it. So I wanted to join the ranks of educators and a little to dispel the fears of some patologia.

so, today about mental retardation. What do you know about this phenomenon?
From the Greek “oligos”- small and “Fran”- the mind. In the current ICD (classification of diseases) definition of “mental retardation” is abolished and abandoned the term “mental retardation”. Frankly, this fact does not change, and only makes a snafu, because mental retardation (hereinafter EE) is both innate and acquired, so mental retardation is a purely innate phenomenon. Now go understand what EE says. Well, this is an internal clinical dismantling. It's not about them.
Today talking about the innate UO,ie about mental retardation.

Imagine that from birth you find yourself in a situation when all you anyway not satisfied. Your every action is judged, criticism, smile, and aggression. To annoy you. Any activity becomes dangerous. The feeling of total failure becomes a background. But the worst thing that you absolutely do not understand what you are doing wrong. You do not really understand what is happening to you. I can only share my feelings on good or bad. What trying to say or explain to people you understand partially, as if you told an alien half the words would be in an incomprehensible language. Presented? Something like this feels average statistical person with mental retardation.

the Essence of the pathology is the underdevelopment of the brain. br>Vnutriutrobno development may be interrupted for the following reasons:
- genetics (mutation, dysfunction of genes, chromosomal abnormalities)
- infectious or chemical lesions of the fetus
- hypoxia of the brain
infections of the nervous system
During labor:
birth injuries
- asphyxia
post-Natal period:
- violations in the first 3 years of its development (infections, head trauma, hydrocephalus)
Sometimes, the UO remains neviyasnennoj etymology.
what is the complexity of this pathology?
Since man is born with an underdeveloped brain, and all the complexity associated with the development and adaptation to society. The degree of difficulty depends on the degree of underdevelopment. Previously, there was the division of mental retardation (to increase gravity) on the “debility”, “imbecility and “idiocy”. But due to the fact that these terms went beyond the boundaries of medicine, joined the society and has acquired a negative connotation, the terminology changed. Now there are mild, moderate, severe or profound UO. The most optimistic forecast for a successful SOC.Agartala have people with mild.
How to identify?
In appearance (somewhat sloppy or ridiculous) and communication (primitive, simple, childlike). But even these signs don't always help. Often can be noticed only severe, they are always with their parents. Usually these people apparently do not stand out. And I suspect that something you can only by personal contact.
what is the complexity of social adaptation and development?
mainly suffers from cognitive and emotional-volitional sphere. Such people from early childhood are developing slowly, with disabilities. Noticeable lack of interest in his surroundings. For example, a man may to spend the whole day in one place and nothing will entice, there is the impulse to action. In addition, such people often wrongly change the mood from blagoevo location to irritation and anger. Can be aggressive, but only in response to someone's negative side. Rassujdat not capable of thinking in the usual sense. All of their arguments are very superficial and concrete, are interested mainly in only domestic issues. In some cases, may be interested in a specific chosen theme. Then they know about this topic a lot of facts, you can have it entsiklopedicheskii knowledge, often only talking about this as if cyclade on it. In General, the tendency to loop on something, especially on the negative. The apparent underdevelopment of abstract thinking, i.e. it is difficult to imagine anything, neither abstractly nor in pictures, nor in the schemes. There is no possibility to analyze, to draw conclusions, to understand the logic. It is difficult for them to understand the information and to convey something to others. It often underdeveloped fragmentary, confused.

Here is an example of such a history can be understood, can act as a person with a W.

One man climbed a tree and is not down. Calling for help. A volunteer runs up, throws him a rope and shouted: “Hold on tight”. The man grabbed the rope, the volunteer kaaak will pull it. The man fell out of a tree and crashed. People run up, with anger interrogate the volunteer: “are You done, you bastard??” A volunteer looks puzzled, scratching his head: “Weird. Do not understand anything. We yesterday exactly the man from the lake saved”.

That's about the evident concreteness of thinking and failure analysis.

What's the thing?
⏩Time to soberly assess the situation and accept that this potologiya irreversible. It will be worse. It is therefore important to preserve what we have. Mild and competent approach such people invisible among the others!
⏩to Train strictly and domestic skills to care for themselves. It's hard, but important.
⏩is Always to encourage activities to interested, although atoi not easy. Obokata simple working professions (gardener, cook, Shoe repairer, cleaner, etc.)
⏩to Maintain any positive momentum, praise.
⏩to Containerevent rapid manifestation of emotions, give this to be. Don't blame yourself.

what are their abilities and talents?
🔼They with great pleasure will perform repetitive actions (to wash dishes, hammer in nails, to draw points in a line, etc.)
🔼Doing everything thoroughly, carefully
🔼See simple solutions (why wash the window with water first, you immediately bryzgat mousee)
🔼Great helpers on the farm
🔼I Love children and animals
🔼Responsive on the help

How to communicate with them?
- do Not ask difficult questions, where there is the terminology. To speak, to explain something as simply as a child
- to smile more Often when dealing this will make it clear that you are safe and treat him well.
- Praise for the achievements. This will podstine motivation for activities
- to set a good, positive examples. To say, as it would be good if you learned...something that
- to Discuss their favorite topic (if any)
- to Give simple but clear instructions. What you take for granted, they need to additionally speak.

- Try to avoid communication with the child, they do not like, when think of their children, fawn. Simple, but as with for adults.

Catherine Shahbazova
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