Development is the main goal and meaning of Human Life. Us always important and necessary new knowledge, skills, experience.

Someone is only yourself, and someone increases your level through a mentor.

Coaching = investment in yourself and your future. As for "teacher" and "disciple". Because we always have something to learn from each other's wisdom, experience, trends, innovation, tradition, etc.

the Mentor can determine your present and Your future - motivation, thinking, strategic decisions, useful professional experience and contacts.

How to choose a mentor in your career/career?

* This person practices. Achievements not only in words but in deeds/results.

* Formulated large and long-term goals, expanding the vision of the work as a whole, but "here and now" thinks and acts short periods/steps - sequentially organized

* Able to play and work on the bugs. Sometimes it is a professional defeat give the most important expertise - valuable experience of "what do just do not", "which distances from the target", "what is not effective for this situation,"

* No pressure of authority, but has the firmness and validity. The mentor provides useful information, not just advice and estimates all around.

* Not doing for You, and helps find solutions and perform tasks.

a Mentor can be Your Supervisor, a colleague, a close person (only if an objective/open communication), career consultant, coach, psychologist, etc. the Main criterion in the selection of your mentor - You are in tune with what he says/thinks/does/reaches this Person.

Working with a mentor, do not expect miracles! Taboo on the requirements and requests of the "advance" (high-quality long-term result that does not)! Ask questions - clear, with sincere interest! Learn to listen, hear and write! Learn from best practices/knowledge as the base on which You will build your professional philosophy.

And become a mentor yourself (for beginners, for himself/herself), these efforts are not in vain!

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