Once I found this wonderful and heartfelt letter, today I want to share them with you.

I am your Body and I turn to you.

"our Dear Hosts! We go through life from birth to the end of your stay on planet Earth. We would like You to listen to what we want to convey to You today!

Every Body is a planet, which is owned by You!

This planet is ingeniously arranged. Has tremendous inner resources and possibilities.

unfortunately, for the most part, You forget that health, beauty and efficiency of the Body depends on You. Or rather from your THOUGHTS. Because you are asking us in the direction that is thoughts. And now you are more likely to control the body on autopilot.

of course, We continue every day to perform its functions. Even when you are sleeping, we continue to do a great and important work of your body. Millions of cells in Your Body serve you faithfully, every minute, every day, every year...

We have formulated a list of requests. We would be pleased if you consider our wishes.

I am your Body... and I turn to You.

1) I look the way you think about me. Please think of me I was beautiful, and shall be.

2) When you think about illness and try to seek out them in me — I have to adjust to your thoughts, and I start to hurt.

3) When you have a lot of time to devote to thoughts that cause you negative emotions, I also start to hurt. Because precious life force is spent on these thoughts.

4) When you think thoughts that cause joy — I'm literally bloom and younger eyes.

5) My reserves and possibilities are very high. Just have faith in me... I can regenerate, I am able to restore lost organs. I can recover, even when your doctors will give me an incurable diagnosis. Just help me with my desire and belief in my capabilities.

6) I am so constituted that can easily operate for thousands of years and more. Why are you already in 35-40 years, and even before starting to think about aging? You're making me old your thoughts. Because in your society a contagious soars program is that 100 years is about the limit.

7) When are you going to eat something, at least sometimes ask me what I need? If you learn to hear me, I will always answer you. And it will be you and only benefit. You're eating food on autopilot or I once smart books.

8) once again I want to touch Beauty. Not me please all sorts of pills, silicones, Botox, acrylics, gels, etc. can I be beautiful without all of that. Just help me out. And I'll gladly take the desired shape for you.

9) I love to walk in the fresh air. To swim. I love to run. Dance. Like the massage. Sex. Activities that bring you joy.

At the computer and the TV to sit all day... not really.

10) I really believe you, and if eating a piece of cake, you think you're fat, I'll implement your idea... and get fat.

11) I love you very much. And I would love to hear words of gratitude and words of love from you. At least sometimes.

But if you don't do this, I still definitely love you.

I, your Body, your universe. And you're part of the Vast Universe.

Thank you.

Thank you for listening to me.

Thank You, I exist because you wished. And I what you want to see me. Let's help each other.

Your Body."

Written by Alena Brandis.

the Psychologist Gutiar Svetlana

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