Milk and sweets


As one of the consultations, the conversation led us to the topic of food, despite the fact that I was sick of that too (his words). After another pause, the client took a deep breath and exhaled as if he wanted me to say something, but then changed his mind. I asked him what he wanted to say, offered to tell him all that comes to mind, any thoughts would be appropriate. After a short pause he replied that he wants milk and sweets, for example candy, and all. And was surprised that it seems to have never identified themselves to the tooth nor to the lovers of milk. Based on the history of the problem with which he approached me, I immediately realized that as a result of stressful experiences, the client has regressed to his childhood, and my task as a therapist to re-teach him to take care of himself, to get maximum enjoyment, and from life in General. In the first stage I recommend to include in his diet dairy products and sweets. After a couple of months of our work, he again lost interest in the products. For me it was an indicator that his mental has recovered and he himself, as before, to take care of yourself, feeling secure, enjoying life.
terapevticheskoi In this case, I facilitated the work that my client is to the stress already had skills Mature, separated from their parents personality. In practice it is much harder to help customer skills in a full-fledged adult, and the ability to take care of yourself when he was 30, and he's still "sitting" on milk and sweets.
Milk, as well as the parent hyperlobby, jointed with hyperopia, becomes toxic and can lead to tragedy. As well as sweets, they are good in moments of compensation, as crutches for injuries. You need to understand that if I can only walk on crutches, I'm a disabled person. the
After this course of therapy post-stress, I remembered the situation my brother. He was sick with Huntington's disease. For this disease there are irreversible processes in the Central nervous system, which also can lead to irreversible regression of the personality. In fact, adult again, begins to turn the child. My brother was very fond of milk and sweets, and the more it progressed the disease, the in large doses, it could use milk and sugar.
Want You my reader, I paid attention to his eating behavior, and it told you where You lead vector of Your development.

Novikov Valery
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